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Sekela Does Not Anymore Hide its Agaw Identiy, Whilst Achefer Does

By Ngatu Jembere, Geneva, 3rd World Lab Center Like Jewish people in one historical junction, Agaws are known looking down their fellow Agaws for linguistic or religious reasons. This started by Shewans in the year 1316/17. At the end of … Continue reading

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Binalf Andualem Regional Official Says Kemant Property must be Returned

In the beginning of this month, Mr. Binalf Andualem Head of Regional Education Bureau and Deputy Governor, traveled to Kemant area. He discussed with some community members who were reluctant to meet because he is one of regional government officials. … Continue reading

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Reply From European Parliament

Dear Mr Berihu, We thank you for your comments, which have been read attentively and duly taken note of. As expressed in the above mentioned resolution, the European Parliament recalled that respect for human rights and the rule of law … Continue reading

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Thanks to European Parliament

It is my honor to appreciate European Parliament for recognizing human rights violations related to Kement in its resolution on Ethiopia (2016/2520(RSP). Actually, it was not ethnic unrest between Amhara and Kemant, but the reality was genocide war against the … Continue reading

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