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Brief National Profile of Agawia (Agaw-Midir) in Oromian Union

By Fayyis Oromia This brief about Agaw-Midir is a preliminary work to be developed further and completed by those who do have more knowledge about the Agaw people and those who are interested in the issue. Most of the information … Continue reading

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Amara Regional Council Cadres Violet Constitution on Kemant Issue

Amhara Regional Council senior cadres made a decision yesterday against the decision of House Federation of Ethiopia, which authorized all Kemant areas to be incorporated into planned Kemants Self-rule. The House of Federation passed this resolution on June 24, 2015, … Continue reading

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Security Source States 23 People died, 89 People Taken to Detention Center and More Than 500 Kemants Are Hiding

wlka received the following information from a regional security source wants to remained in anonymity. According to this source, campaign against Kemants has been overseen by Regional Commander Dessie Aseme and his junior commander Amsalu who is responsible to directing … Continue reading

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