Binalf Andualem Regional Official Says Kemant Property must be Returned

In the beginning of this month, Mr. Binalf Andualem Head of Regional Education Bureau and Deputy Governor, traveled to Kemant area. He discussed with some community members who were reluctant to meet because he is one of regional government officials. Most of his rhetoric was focused on development. Rarely, he talked about also destruction in Kemant area. He made two points on the issue as follows:
1. Restricting Kemants only in 42 kebels while their presence is visible throughout the region is wrong.
2. Looted Kemant’s property must be returned to Kemants. Every Kebele must expose looters to be accountable for their guilt. Any kebele, which failed to do so should be responsible collectively to pay robbed property through contributions of kebele members.
He was the first official in the regional government who publicly spoken out on the consequence of Kemant Genocide. Initially, his statement was perceived as a position of the regional government to facilitate reconciliation, but later it has become clear that statement is his renegade position against injustice in Amara Region.

In the pre-genocide period, Mr. Binalf was known with his masked identity claiming himself “Amara” while he is actually Awi grew up in Damot. Anyone who knows well highland population of Awi, the people of Banja and Ankesha-Gugssa, identify him as Awi due to his typical Awi physical features. Of course, his younger brother claimed his identity openly and became governor of Banja.

Some people say everybody knows Binalf likes Damot where he grew up. That is natural, but he should not hide his identity in exchange of ANDM’s political appointment.

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