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Is It Genuine Conference? Kemant Leadership Must Be Vigilant!

Information coming from the region indicates some sort of conference to be held on the Kemant issue, probably to open way for self-determination, including self-governance. In principle, it sounds good and has to be welcomed. In spite of that, the … Continue reading

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Ashenda 2011 Celebration at Seqota Town, Wag Lasta

Ashenda 2011 celebration at the Seqota town, Wag, Amhara Region. The video was taken by a layman in low quality. Some of pictures are taken in black color and others are in color. Due to poor quality/poor image some sections … Continue reading

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Group of Security Militiamen in North Gondar, Ethiopia Kills Indigenous Tribes, Kemants

Human rights violation in Ethiopia, Amhara Region, North Gondar, in Kemant minority area has been noticed. According to visitors in Metema (wanted to remain anonymous), the armed militia group has been persecuting the Kemant tribesmen particularly since July. The alleged … Continue reading

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