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Kemant District Coordinating Committees Informed Respective Woreda Councils on Next Move

Delay on the Kemant people’s request for recognition and self-government has likely created frustration and mistrust in the government. The community members have challenged the respective Kemant Coordinating Committees in woredas for their indefinite patience. The committees usually try to … Continue reading

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Need Help: Point-to-Point Frame-Relay Not Mapping

I have got used cisco router 2621. I wanted to set up it for frame-relay services. Before doing so, I ran simulation over spoke and hub topology with three cisco 2621 routers. I completed configuration on simulation and tested, but … Continue reading

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Workshop Conducted on History, Language and Struggle of Agaw Kemants

The Kemant leadership organized workshop on Kemant people’s history, language and struggle for equality and self-determination, on Saturday, May 6, 2011. The workshop was conducted in Gondar Cinima Hall, Gondar City, downtown, Ethiopia. About 1000 audience participated one day workshop, … Continue reading

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