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Can Two Biggest Nations, Oromo and Agaw, Cooperate Against System of Domination in Oromia (aka Formerly Ethiopia)?

by Fayyis Oromia Few years ago, the well-known historian Prof. Laphiso Delebo disclosed the presence of 23 million Agaw in Oromia (aka Ethiopia). That means the Agaw are the second biggest nation, next to the Oromo (most of them nowadays … Continue reading

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Two Men Abducted by Security on 2015 Election Related Issue in Awi, Ethiopia

Dangla district, Chara (01 Kebele), Jan 17: Two men, Mr. Getachew Alehegn and Mr. Yohannes Gedebu abducted and place in truck (vehicle) and then taken to an destination by two security men. Both men reportedly involved agitation residents do not … Continue reading

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Mr. Wasihun Akalat, Half Beta Israel Dies in Ambush

Mr. Wasihun Akalat whom known by his nickname Wudu, half Beta Israel, died on ambush January 2, 2015. He lived in Libow District, South Gondar place called Kunkara Qaruda. He was ambushed by four armed persons when was returning from … Continue reading

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Newly Created Amara Nationality Union (ANU) Terrorizes Kemant Civilians to Drop Their Constitutional Rights, Planned Self-Government in Ethiopia

Since December 12, 2014, more than 65 civil servants, traders and farmers displaced from Quara District, the locality of Selferdi. Their belongingness has been taken away by the proprietors. Among displaced people, 30 of them are civil servants and private … Continue reading

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