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Observer Says Neo-Nazism Consolidating in Amhara Region, Ethiopia

According to Bahir Dar University Professor in Social Science Department who wants to remain in anonymity for personal safety told wlka the consolidation of African Neo-Nazism in the region. The present demonstration in Amhara region is sponsored by Amhara National … Continue reading

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Africa Confidential Reported Death of 100 Kemants (Qimants) by Security Officials and Amhara Militia

Africa Confidential is published in London since 1960. The magazine which discussed the current situation in Ethiopia briefly reported the Kemants (Qimants) issue. The following text has been quoted from Africa Confidential, Vol, 57, NO 17, August 2016. Another issue … Continue reading

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Agaw Democratic Party’s News Release on Current Situation in Ethiopia

By Lilta Alem This AgDP’s press release has been published in other media including Tigray Online and Frang Gazetta. Click on the following link to access the document. AGDP-STATEMENT

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Binalf Andualem’s Residency Set on Fire at Finote Selam

Demonstrators at Finote Selam, Damot, attacked and burned down on fire the residence of Mr. Binalf Andualem on August 24, 2016. Three individuals among demonstrators spread fuel on the roof made of corrugated tin to ignite a fire on the … Continue reading

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Protesters in Bahir Dar City Killed and Agaws Advised for Their Safety

Antigovernment protest took place in Bahir Dar on August 6 and 7. During the protest, 20-30 people are reportedly killed. The report is not independently confirmed. According to residents, killing started at the part of the city called Abay Mado. … Continue reading

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BBC Racist and Anti-Semitic Media

By Bija Dawit BBC has never reported persistent atrocity and genocide in Gondar against Kemant people by the government forces in Mura, Shinfa, Metema, Quara and Lay Armachiho and Tach Armachiho in Gondar Province. Let me provide you with some … Continue reading

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Amhara Regional Government Detains two AgDP Members and Riot in Gondar Targets Tigrians (update on Gondar Demonstration)

According to report submitted to wlka this week, the detainees are: Mr. Kassahun Adem, the party’s 2015 election candidate for national parliament and the party’s Representative for Gongua County. The regional government cadres claimed Kassahun was in a process of … Continue reading

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