Open Letter to Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed of Ethiopia

June 2, 2018

Your Excellency Prime Minister Dr. Abiy Ahmed

Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, Addis Ababa

Subject: Seeking Justice and Release of the Agaw-Kemant Prisoners of Ethiopia

Dear Prime Minister,

This is a second letter to the Ethiopian Government in request for the release of Agaw-Kemant prisoners, like other Ethiopian detainees. On March 11, 2018, we sent the letter to his Excellency FDRE Foreign Minister Dr. Workneh Gebeyehu, but no action. A copy of the letter had been published in Tigrai Online, Voice of Justice and Agew Discussion Forum social media.  Your Excellency’s latest efforts to secure the release of the Ethiopian detainees even from the neighboring countries sparkled our hope to write you this letter.

The enclosed 1-page document is a list of prisoners of the Agaw-Kemants in North Gondar, Ethiopia. They have been in a detention since 2015 because of their demand for self-rule inline with the Ethiopian Constitution, Article 39, Subarticle-3. It can be recalled that about 10,000 government forces conducted an excessive military operation in the Kemant area in late 2015, which caused destruction on human life and property. The operation was intended to force the Agaw-Kemants to drop their constitutional demand or to annex lowland Kemant areas, Metema and Quara, the west of Lake Tana.

The impact of the military campaign was investigated by the Ethiopian Human Rights Commission (EHRC) and reported to the Ethiopian Parliament in June 2016. The parliament passed a resolution by authorizing appropriate compensation for the Kemant victims and due justice on the perpetrators. Unfortunately, the Ethiopian Government declined to implement the parliament’s resolution, neither the victims received the compensation nor the offenders brought to justice. Above all, the cause of destruction, demand for self-rule has not yet guaranteed. The government’s repeated unconstitutional efforts to split the Kemant community into two has been rejected. The Kemant people have insisted on their constitutional rights regardless of hardship they have been experiencing. The region is currently under tension, imminent for a third round conflict, perhaps similar to the 1992 Rawanda  genocide.  Provocative actions have been taken by the regional government, including fresh arrest of innocent farmers such as Mr. Andergachew Molla, who traveled to Gondar City for shopping and deployment of  paratroops known as Special forces to initiate violence in the region. Approximately, 1000 troops have been deployed in Chilga Woreda alone in the localities of Chonchock and Negade Bhir. The army also sent to localities of Robit, Maura and other two kebeles in Lay Armachiho. The government side has a ridiculous excuse to field soldiers, falsely blaming our fellow Tigrians and even Egyptians for the Agaws’ assertiveness to their rights.  The deployment is in violation of the 2015 agreement that prohibits the deployment of the paratroops in the Kemant areas.

The Ethiopian Government freed thousands of political prisoners February through May 2018. We are aware that currently Your Excellency is coordinating extraordinary diplomatic efforts to ensure the discharge of the Ethiopian detainees in neighboring countries. But, unfortunately, the release did not include the Agaw political prisoners at home, except three military personnel from Lasta. Here in a Diaspora, why the Agaws  have been discriminated is becoming a point of discussion. We believe that they have been deprived the opportunity because of their Agaw ethnic identity.

We are kindly seeking equal justice, including the immediate release of the Agaw-Kemant prisoners listed in the attached document, like other Ethiopians at least under the current amnesty. We are thoughtfully asking withdrawal of the paratroops whom have been refueling violence in the region.

Indeed, we would like to express our thanks in advance to Your Excellency for taking your precious time to look into the case for fair justice.  It is truly an honor to present for Your Excellency’s attention to this appeal on behalf of 10-million Agaw people.

With regards,

Workuw Berihu, Agaw Human Rights Observer, Associated with Agaw Community in Diaspora, Dallas, TX


The identities of Agaw-Kemant political prisoners under detention since 2015 at Gondar City and Aykel, Chilga Prisons:

No Name Address of Prison
1 Setegn Alemu Gondar City
2 Bayuh Meles Gondar City
3 Dessie Bihonegni Gondar City
4 Kefale Sisay Gondar City
5 Birili Bicha Aykel, Chilga



Banchi Tamru


Aykel, Chilga

Ms Banchi and her husband have been prisoned since 2016 leaving their six children without a caregiver.
7 Dinku Zegeye Aykel, Chilga
8 Asmaraw Ayelgni Gondar City
9 Mihiretie Bazezew Gondar City
10 Melkamu Getahun Aykel, Chilga
11 Amdework Addisu Aykel, Chilga
12 Asmaraw Mesno Aykel, Chilga
13 Enyew Goshu Aykel, Chilga
14 Muluken Tesema Aykel, Chilga
15 Chalachew Alemu Aykel, Chilga
16 Misganaw Eyeyu Gondar City
17 Asrie Meles Gondar City
18 Samuel Gashaw Gondar City
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Ras Prince Mengesha Siyoum and New Book on Agaw People

The new book, Identity and History: Who Is Not Agaw in Gojjam and Gondar, Ethiopia, the Constitution of 1995 and Unequal Treatment of Agaw People – Beta Israel

is not just limited to Gojjam and Gondar. It touches briefly Tigray to Eritrea in relevant contexts. For instance, one of the longest footnoted covers Ras Mengesha Siyoum’s Agaw Midir private visit in the 1960s. Mengesha was the Prince of Ethiopia and Ras of Tigray (governor of Tigray) until the 1974 revolution. According to the author, Ras Prince Mengesha came to Agaw Midir in respect of his root with the Agaw people. As well, the author lists the Mengesha’s two sons, Yohannes and Estifanos who accompanied him during his visit.  The author characterizes Ras Prince Mengesha as confident and esteemed, but a humble and sociable figure who interacts intensively with ordinary people. Follow the link below to find the book.

ሰላም ለሁሉም

ቁምላቸው ደስታ ነኝ

Ras Prince Mengesha Siyoum and the book

Both images obtained from Balambaras Negash Facebook, the author of the article, ቁምላቸው ደስታ didn’t have them initially.

Follow the link also to find article entitled Who is Prince Mengesha Siyoum in Amharic, by Balambaras Negash.

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In Quara, Kemant Farmers Boycott Referendum Voting and Illegal Voters Cast their Vote

(wlka informantt from Mtema): According to the latest report,  the regional government and security officials registered 1500 illegal voters in Quar alone. The illegal voters by definition are not residing a particular election kebele and not qualified to vote on the basis of the Ethiopian election law. Those illegal voters came to a respective voting station on Sunday morning to vote. The Kemants told them not to take part in the election illegally. But the illegal voters ignored the Kemants warnings and continued voting. Then, the Kemants boycott the process and return their home without casting the vote.

the similar dispute was broke in Shinfe due to the presence of illegal voters. But some of the illegal voters return their home without voting and the process continued. The problem is the regional security forces snatched voting cards from the Kemants and many of them couldn’t vote in Shinfe. Since the Kemants were walking to voting stations without arms, there was nothing they could do when police snatched and tore their cards.

According to the informant, all those illegal activities and fraud was reported to National Election Board of Ethiopia (NEBE), but it failed to discharge its constitutional responsibilities by preventing the process from fraud.

Some observers believe that outcome of the result is predetermined to the regional government and one should not expect anything different. The board is just there to legitimize the fraudulent referendum.

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Letter to US-Department of State

April 14, 2016

US-Department of State
2201 C St. NW
Washington, DC 20520

Reference: Appeal for United States’ Voice and Humanitarian Assistance for Victims of December 2015 Kemant Genocide in North Gondar, Ethiopia

The Kemant genocide, which took place in North Gondar, Ethiopia December 9-18, 2015, slaughtered more than 95 Kemants, women, children, and elders ; wounded 86 Kemants, kept in detention unknown number of people, displaced approximately 25,000 people. The displaced victims have been deprived basic needs, they have neither food nor shelter and currently suffering from hunger and diseases. Perpetrators also demolished or burned in fire 986 residencies, emptying the enter villages in some localities; destroyed or taken away 42,284 quintals of grain, seized more than 18, 700 domestic animals. The total of property loss in the course of genocide is estimated to be US$34.4 million.

Genocide was carried out by Amhara Regional Government forces of Ethiopia, comprised of 10,000 Special Forces, paratroops and armed militia who used 58 to 62 heavy trucks to transport logistics and personnel. The regional government has not denied perpetration of genocide, but portrayed as if it was people to people hostility, between Amharas and Kemants.

Persecution against the Kemant population, killing and detention have been in effect, especially since 2013. Kemants through their representative, called Kemant coordinating committee and supporters appealed to the Ethiopian Federal Government more than four times. The Federal Government of Ethiopia acknowledged the problem following current genocide and set up a special committee led by Kassa Tekilebirhan, former House Speaker and currently a cabinet member to implement self-rule for Kemants in 126-128 kebels/localities, 8-counties, but the committee has achieved nothing so far. Alternatively, a creation of a regional state for Kemants, proper & Amharic speaking Agaws in general and Beta Israelis living throughout Gondar and Gojjam, currently repressed in Amhara Region is believed to be the best remedy to guarantee durable security. Otherwise, provincial, zonal arrangement may not provide needed lasting security for Kemants and other ethnic groups.

Indeed, the central government’s inadequate response to the crisis is a reason for Kemant’s present sufferings. The central government has lacked the political will and commitment to bring alleged perpetrators, suspected officials to justice. Despite systematic atrocity committed against the Kemant population with purity, no key top officials presumably responsible for genocide have been brought to before justice, with exceptions of questioning junior ones who allegedly acted on top regional officials’ directives.

Unfortunately, even after December 2015, genocide is still in effect. On January 21, a government security force opened fire on the crowd gathered to celebrate the Ethiopian traditional Epiphany in Chilga and killed five people including the chief priest, Bisret Abera carrying a replica of Ark of Covenant and wounded dozens. On March 26, 2016, the regional government’s Special Forces, paratroops numbered 400-500 entered into the town of Tikildingay, Lay Armachiho County in the midnight and terrorized population including torture.

Moreover, the regional government officials are currently retraining including retired soldiers and disseminating propaganda via a party line obviously for large scale genocide on Kemants probably comparable to Rwanda 1992, or World War-II Holocaust against the Jewish people.

I under signed hereby, an independent human rights observer and community constituent kindly appeal on behalf of the victims, the United States to voice against injustice and play a positive role working with the Ethiopian Government for the following, purposes, but not limited:
a) all perpetrators to be tried at neutral court and prevent similar atrocity in the future.
b) The displaced victims to be provided with immediate humanitarian assistance.
c) The victims’ families to be provided with adequate compensation for lost life and properties.
d) One of the key suspects of genocide Mr, Gedu Andargachew, incumbent Head of Region-3, called Amhara Regional State currently in the US to be tried.

Attached please find a copy of the report of December 2015 Kemant Genocide, includes a list of victims, the location of catastrophe and names of suspected officials involved in genocide and theory for genocide.


Worku Berihu

CC to:

Prime Minister of Ethiopia, other concerned governments and international organizations

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Preliminary War Casualty

Image may contain: one or more people and outdoorAmhara Regional army approaching new front line, Quara (Kuzera), November 6, 2018

According to a report by  a wlka informant in the region, the war initiated by Amara Government November 1-7, 2018, caused considerable life loss and property destruction.  In addition to the government forces, Ginbot-7, former soldiers and currently Ginbot-7 members took part in the war in support of the government. The most destructive front line was Quara, Kuzera. More than 98 government soldiers died, the number of injuries was not known. From Kemant farmers’ side, 2-prominent farmers killed and 6 farmers sustained injury.  Quara front was opened after defeat in the Shinfa front, Metema.

Another destructive front line was Shinafa, Metema, 50 government soldiers killed in the first hour following the start of the war, the number of casualty in consecutive hours was not documented. The figure (50) was counted against the number of weapons collected from died bodies. The farmers captured including M4 they never had it before. The remaining government soldiers flew to Gumuz village hidden there and saved their lives. Oromo News Broadcast reported that the Kemant farmers handed over to Ethiopia Defense 43 Amara Government soldiers whom captured during Shina fighting.

At the same time, 5-Kemant farmers were killed and another 2 were shot dead while traveling to their farm area.  The most important Kemant figure whom died on this front was Mr. Gashew. Number of injuries was not known. Above all, Kemants suffered heavy property losses, the town of Shinfa was entirely consumed by fire caused by bomb threw by the government forces. The government soldiers are known by setting fire on houses, killing children and elderly people who cannot leave their house. As reported in the previous news, 30 children were massacred by the government forces on the Negeda Bahir front.

The government media failed to report the actual casualty, but it played down by saying it lost 4-soldiers. Virtually, all Amharic media, including  Radio German, VOA and ESAT were sympathetic to the government and declined to report the real events. Instead, they interview the government representative and disseminated fake news by ignoring the views and voice of the war victims, Kemants. As one observer put it, the ruling party has been making a political drama just to divert public attention. It has started externalizing this sad event, it has been privately blaming even Egyptians, Tigrian individuals and Oromos intellectuals who expressed their concern on the current unnecessary war. As African American Dr. Woshington noted in his comment, the governt war commander,  General Aseminaw Tsige who is not Amhara by blood, but mercenary working for material benefit, has been talking about preparing further war of genocide against the Agaw-Kemant community, we will witness another bloodshed in a short period of time.

kemant shepherds massacred by the government paratroops and militia in the first week of November 2018. After killing, the soldiers stabbed/cut the victims’ upper body, including eyes and arms.

Image may contain: one or more people, people standing, fire and outdoor Some of the destructionsImage may contain: fire and outdoor

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30 Children Massacred and 900 Houses Burned

Nov. 6, 2018, a wlka informant reported execution of 30 children by Amhara Government army outskirts of Negeda Bahir, Metema, Gondar, Ethiopia. The army also reportedly burned down 900 houses in the same locality. The report has not yet confirmed by independent sources. Observers from the area criticized the Ethiopian Federal Government for not stopping this genocide. The Central Government is simply sympathetic to the regional government. Amharic media, including VOA and ESAT does not usually report atrocities by the Amara Government, as was proved from previous experiences. Even if they do, they report false information contrary to the reality.

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Fighting Starts in New Frontiers

Fighting is taking place between Kemant farmers and Amara Government force in new frontiers, the city of Metema Yohannes and the town of Shinfa since afternoon, November 5, 2018. The latest information indicated that fighting at Metema Yohannes is temporarily ceased, whilst the war in Shinfa continues. The Shinfa town is inhabited by majority of Amara settlers, and Kemants live the rural area. Yesterday, there was unconfirmed report states that, Amara Regional Government had moblized about 20,000 men in combination of militia and paratroops

The number of causality and details of the war is not known in the latest fighting. It will be updated as soon as information is available.

In related news, the regional government army was defeated in Negeda Bahir front yesterday in abush warefare. This information is not independently confirmed. The other frontiers, Quara and Chilga are still under tension.

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Open Letter to UN Human Rights Council, Geneva

CC: International Court of Justice, Hague

Endless Human Rights Violation against the Kemants in Ethiopia

I am writing this message to Human rights organizations, their stakeholders, individuals who are concerned with Human Rights, and all interested people to inform you about the endless human rights violation, including genocidal attacks committed by the government at different levels against the Kemant Ethnic group in Ethiopia. The Kemant ethnic group is really fund under a critical danger of human rights violation because of a continuous genocidal attack it faces.

As an introduction, the Kemant people is found in the North Gondar Zone administration of the Amhara National Regional State, Ethiopia. They are one of the Indigenous people in Ethiopia and the integral part of the Agaw society. According to linguists’ classification, they speak a Cushitic language that belongs to the Agew/Agaw language sub-family in northwest Ethiopia. The Kemants have several unique cultural and psychological makeups known to the world. They had settled in many parts of Northern Ethiopia since ancient time and ancestors of many of the northern Ethiopian population. However, these people slowly detached from their origin (the Kemant) due to several historical, political, cultural, ecological, and economic factors; and developed their own identity.

Although the Kemants have this much importance to the nation as well as the world, it has been systematically marginalized by the Ethiopian government, especially by the Amhara National Regional State since 1991. Immediately after the downfall of the Derg regime, the EPRDF government recognized almost all ethnic groups in the country and allowed to establish their own self-administration structures, preserve and develop their language and culture, and enjoy with the human and democratic rights endowed by the constitution of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia. But, unfortunately, the Kemant People were not in such a position to enjoy with the benefits of the political changes made in the nation since 1991. Rather, different systematic and institutional conspiracies have been done against them by government officials networked from the federal to the District level government structures. Some of the indicators of these systematic attacks taken against the Kemant people since 1991 are the following:

#1. The Kemants have requested the Ethiopian government for identifying recognition and self-rule since 1991, but the government repeatedly rejected their quest. The reason, the government official gave for their rejection, was the argument that “the Kemants have lost their own language and speak Amharic so that they have become Amharas by default.” This argument was totally dead against the provisions of the constitution of the land. Although the Kemant language was found in a danger of extinction, several Kemants have been using in their day-to-day communications. In addition, the provision of Article 39 (5) of the FDRE constitution never states that ‘language is a decisive factor for ethnic recognition’.

#2. In 2007, the Ethiopian government removed the name Kemant and its language from the National Population and Housing Census report. This was a forceful and obvious measure taken by the government without the consent of the Kemant people which can be considered as a form of #systematic #genocide against the Kemant without physically killing them with weapons. Consequently, the mass of the Kemant became frustrated and organized themselves for a type of public movement that intends to save their ethnic group from the already shadowed danger of extinction. As a result, they formed a coordinating committee for the ‘Kemant quest for Identify recognition and Self-rule’, and started to struggle based upon the legal provisions of the country. But, the regional government continued to suppress the movement by hook or crook.

#3. The Kemant people continued their struggle for their rights and requested the Federal government for identifying recognition and self-rule since the Amhara National Regional Stated government had rejected their request. The House of Federation of FDRE accepted the quest and sent a committee to study the situation on the ground. In the meantime, the Amhara Regional state government officials imprisoned about 60 members of the Kemant movement coordinating committee with a special intention to stop the federal government’s current study so that the reality about the Kemant people will remain concealed. Fortunately, the federal government studied the Kemant ethnic group based on the criteria stated under Article 39(5) of the constitution tolerating the pressure created by regional government officials at the time. Based on the findings of its study, the House of Federation decided that the Kemant was deserved to be considered an Ethnic group and to have its own self-administrative structure as per the constitution.

#4. Being cognizant of the federal government determination to solve the Kemants’ quest as soon as possible based on the findings, the regional government officials requested the federal government to hand over the issue to the region so that it will settle the issue according to the direction of the House of federation; they were successful – the federal government allowed the Amhara region to deal with the issue independently believing that it had a genuine intention. However, the regional government passed a decision in which only half of the Kemant people would be included in the new Kemant administration. This decision allowed the Kemants to have a special Kemant District administration which was opposed by the mass of the Kemants.

#5. Therefore, the Kemants rejected this decision and continued to fight for their rights to the end. But, in 2015, the regional government organized an extensive military attack against Kemants using its special police force. During the attack the regional military force used machine guns, snipers, grenades, bombs, etc. during its genocidal attack against the Kemant. As a result, more than 115 Kemants were killed, many others got severely wounded, pregnant Kemant mothers were slaughtered at their womb at Maura, children were slaughtered by bayonet, elderly Kemants were killed with bombs at their homes, many houses were burned down, properties (including money, cattle, furniture, etc) were looted, crops were burned down, more than 25,000 Kemants (including, children, women, elders, PWDs, etc) were displaced from their homes and workplaces. All these facts were proved by the FDRE Human Rights Commission’s report to the House of the parliament in 2015. According to the report, the Amhara regional government was ordered to officially apologize the Kemant people for its unreasonable attacks on innocent people. In addition, it was also given a direction by the federal government to take legal measures against the participants and leaders of the genocidal attacks. Compensation was also considered to be done by the regional government, but none of these decisions were respected by the regional government.

#6. However serious the federal government decisions were, the regional government systematically rejected it and went on creating other types of attack against the Kemant people. It has organized outlaws in the neighboring area and started to kidnap the Kemants, including children, at different times, in different places. It also continued to create group-based conflicts with Kemant villages and killed several people, loot village properties, and so on. Meanwhile, they criminalized the Kemants who took self-defense measures. This was aimed at demoralizing the Kemants so that they will never take part in the emanate movement for identity recognition and self-rule which was assumed to have vital roles in weakening the Kemant movement in general.

#7. After a lengthened struggle, in 2018, the regional government reconsidered its previous decision and passed a new decision that stated: “the Kemant will have a Zone level administrative structure.” But, this decision excluded a significant number of Kemant Kebeles who had decided to be part of the new Kemant political administration during their referendum from the so-called New Kemant administration. As a result, the Kemant people opposed the regional government’s illegal decision that intended to sustain the ongoing systematic discrimination. The Kemant people also stood against the actions of the regional government that attempted to establish the Kemant administration without the consent of the people, even without considering the relevant legal provisions of the country. It tried to use its military forces for the second time to implement its decision. It also organized some corrupt people to be the leader of the new Kemant administration without any election. The Kemant people have gone on defending itself from the new conspiracies of the regional government. Still, now, the Kemant people are struggling to include the remaining Kemant kebeles as per the result of the referendum.

#8. Because of this resistance of the Kemant people, the regional government has started to violate human rights. It has confined prominent members of the Kemant committee for about 48 days in a police station in Gondar City without any crime reported to the court. This was against the provisions of Articles 14, 18, 19, 20 and 24 of the FDRE constitution. It has prohibited any peaceful demonstration to be held in Gondar city (the center of the Kemant) contrary to the rules of the nation. It also prohibited government and private mass media to have coverage on the issues. Rather, it has given its official media to air only negative images about the Kemants.

#9. More recently, more than 3000 Kemant public servants have been displaced from their jobs and their homes in different Amhara areas and settled in different temporary shelters constructed by communities at Meka (Meqa) and Aykel towns. The displaced Kemants are exposed to several health complications at the temporary shelters since there are no such services as medical and psychological services, food, and shelter, etc. The regional government officials have banned the Ethiopian Red Cross Society to provide aid services for the displaced people who have been in the shelter for about two months without any source of income. Displacing the Kemants forcefully from different parts of the regional state is still an ongoing phenomenon. Several Kemants have been abused and killed every day in the areas because they are Kemants, and because of their ethnic group fights for its human rights protection. More surprising, there is no any government body who dares to respond to our complaints, including the federal government officials. Today, it seems for the Kemant that there is no government in the country.

#10. Generally, the federal government of Ethiopia prefers to give its deaf ear to the Kemants’ agonies that have been lingering on for the last 27 years. The basic constitutional human and democratic rights are being violated by a government official at the region level without any federal government intervention or corrective measures. Therefore, it is a sundry fact that the Kemants are found in a state of being massacred in mass. If this situation goes on like this, the Kemants will definitely face the worst in the coming couples of weeks.

Therefore, the Kemant people request the international society and individuals to do whatever you can to save the Kemants in Ethiopia. Please do not delay to report this to Human rights organizations, agencies, institutions, officials who you know as soon as possible.

Phillip Socrates
Kemant Activist

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Amhara Regional Government Invading Paratroops Stopped at Meka, Metema

On November 3, According to a source who wants to remain anonymous for safety, the unspecified number of Amara Regional Government paratroops known as Special Force was stopped at Meka locality in Metema district. They were heading for the town of Negeda Bahir, to persecute the Kemants dwell in the town. As they arrived in Meka, the troops pretended to be civilians by wearing civilian clothes and hiding their weapons in the plastic container on the vehicle they were traveling. Kemant youths stopped the vehicles at a self-declared checkpoint and insisted to search the vehicles. But, the troops rejected the request and forcefully passed the checkpoint. As they entered to the Meka locality, they got out of their vehicles with weapons and started random gunfire. Resident farmers of Meka rushed towards the troops in the response in gunfire.   In a short time, the troops were surrounded by farmers and asked to surrender. In the meanwhile, the paratroops called on the defense force for help. The defense force arrived in the area and cooled the situation.

According to the same source, on November 1, 2018, the regional government militia force at Quara Dwllo, killed two Kemant residents, including one 9th Grade child, injured 12 people and displaced about 400 unarmed Kemants and Tigrian residents because of their ethnicity. The victims’ property was confiscated and some of the houses were burned.

The similar ethnic targeted raid was conducted in the past month in Metema, the towns Shadi and Gendaho. As a result, more than 940 unarmed civil servants were dismissed from their job and left their houses for their safety. Most of those victims gathered at Meka locality and suffering from lack of shelter and food and sanitation.

Neither the federal government nor humanitarian organizations available for assistance. The regional government officials usually claim privately, The current Government of Ethiopia is too weak to control the Amara Regional Government. Even they claim that they can over through Prime Minister Abiy’s Government in the matter of one month if they want to. A number of sources on social media also reported the purchase of various types of arms from Janjaian militia (ጃንጃዊ) of Darfur in 5 billion Birr, about 30% of those weapons believed to have already arrived in Gondar and Bahir Dar. According to the source, the regional government has been preparing for a large scale war in three directions, Tigray, Gumuz and Oromia, before that, the government has determined to crash all Agaws movement, especially Kemant’s resistance, as the prerequisite for further war success. Observers say the current military operation is the large scale after 2015 invasion. The invanding forces have opened three frontiers through Quara, Metema and Chilga. The Rwanda 1991 style genocide is actually going on in the region, said one anonymous observer.

Image may contain: 1 person, text  Victim of atrocity (appeared in Image may contain: 1 person, textsocial media)

Image may contain: one or more people


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Kemant Coordinating Committee Public Relations’ Vice Officer’s Position with ONN  Interview is against Agaw Identity and Unity in the Region

By Getahun Kassu

I watched the Kemant Committee’s officer’s interview with the ONN. I have identified the following fallacy in his clarifications:

1) His position is contrary to the previous Kemant Coordinating Committee’s position. The previous committee always used to state the Kemant’s identity as Kemant, the integral part of the Agaw people. The current vice officer’s position is extremely contrary to the facts.

2) His historical analysis is based on legend, not a historical record written by historians about Kemant that confirms the Kemant’s Agawness.

3) He also distorted composition of Agaw Democratic Party (AgDP). He said, the AgDP is the party of Awi and Wag, but his statement is entirely distortion. The founders of AgDP are Kemants by more than 60%. Any concerned body can check this fact from the National Board office.

4) The Vice officer was sort of apologist/sympathetic to the Regional Government, I believe that he is the member of the ruling party, ANDM, who is systematically doing his assignment given by the government. As we know previously, some of the committee members are the members of ANDM.

5) He was also worried about having an office in Mekele. Even though it is false, the Kemant’s or other Agaws’ have rights to have an office in Mekele if they want to. They do not need any permission from the ANDM. The Tigray people our brothers and sisters why not.

Generally, his statement was destructive to maybe for the impending alliance of Oromos, Tigrians and Agaws to ensure durable peace, stability and justice in the region.

His expressed view is damage to the Kemant issue. It has already created confusions from external observers, who want to work in cooperation with the Agaw people. Immediate official clarification required from the Kemant Committee whether this is their position or not.


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Amhara Regional Government Organizes Demonstrations in Agaw Areas

Anonymous sources from Bahir Dar sent the message to wlka this morning to inform on the Amhara Government sponsored demonstration. The demonstration is scheduled for the coming Sunday. It will take place in Gondar City, Seqota and Awi towns. The source claimed the demonstration is mandatory informally. Anyone under age 30 who failed to attend the demonstration is subjected to “measures”, but did not specify sort of penalty. Accordingly, the regime’s security forces have been going house-to-house to collect signatures for being informed. Social media sources reported even the transportation of the demonstratoers from other woredas to the Agaw areas.

The demonstrators reportedly will carry slogans in support of the integration of Walkiet and Raya into Amara region. It is also expected that the Kemant issue would be mentioned just to pretend and declare fake solidarity.  Both regions are currently parts of Tigray. The Amara Government currently appears preparing for territorial war consecutively with Tigray, Benishengul and Oromia. Before that, the government has been planning a war with Agaws, primarily Kemants in the scenario that defeating the internal enemy is prerequisite for defeating the external enemies.

According to observers, the rally is primarily to the Agaw areas, including Gojjam. The demonstration is just show that Agaws are under Amara control. The other important reason for the demonstration is, to send a message for the Tigrians and Oromos not to cover on their media the Agaws’ resistance for equality and justice. Despite the forced demonstration, hostility against the regime is high in the Agaw areas than at any time.




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