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Unfinished Amharization process in Ethiopia and Kemants’ Quest for Dignity and Self-Rule

By Mizigena A Amharization was and still is the process forcing people under Amhara government in Ethiopia to accept Amhara culture, language, religion and etc. The Agaw are perhaps first mentioned in the 3rd-century AD Aksumite inscription recorded by Cosmas … Continue reading

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Tension between Egypt and Ethiopia Runs High

In the recent week, tension has increased between Egypt and Ethiopia on the Nile Renaissance Dam construction. Tension heightened following President Mohammed Mursi of Egypt made a remark on Nile Renaissance Dam. On June 11, it was reported by various … Continue reading

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The Common Home, Great Oromia, As a Win-Win Solution for the Conflict between the Pro-Independence Oromo and the Pro-Unity Amhara

By Fayyis Oromia* The current discussion among different political groups in the Ethiopian empire, which was ignited by the open letter written by Dr. Fikre Tolassa and directed to Dr. Bayan Asoba containing different, but relatively new, version of the … Continue reading

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Public Rally and Demonstration Banned in Gondar, Ethiopia

In the previous news, wlka reported the Kemants, one of Agaw ethnic groups’ preparation for demonstration in the first week of June, 2013. The aim of demonstration was to promote their eight-years-old self-rule demand. The plan was notified to federal, … Continue reading

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NEBE Issued Agaw Democratic Party (AgDP) Registration License

NEBE Issued Agaw Democratic Party (AgDP) Registration License According a reliable source, after long delay National Election Board of Ethiopia (NEBE) issued AgDP registration license yesterday, June 3, 2013. It took about seven months to guarantee the legal license to … Continue reading

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