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The Destiny of Kemants From Bad to Worse

By Chambalala M The Constitutional rights quest of identity recognition and self-rule of Qemant (Kemant) Nationality has spent many years with no ultimate response on the part of the both Regional and Federal States. We always hear the propaganda of … Continue reading

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Ethiopia Should Be Judged by Treatment of Its Minorities

As we all know, the human rights violations against the peoples of Qemant (Kemant), both knowingly and unknowingly, have started not recently. The big human right violation that has been committed against these peoples is directly linked with ‘identity denial’. … Continue reading

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It Is Natural for Me to Surrender for Facts

By Endalamaw A. ……… It is really amazing to investigate that many mishaps had happened in the due course of our historical tracings in this regard (loose understanding of actual identity). Coming by across I was linked to the idea … Continue reading

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Kemant Ethnic Members Detained in Ethiopia, Amhara Region, Armachiho without Due Justice

This site had received the fllowing report yesterday: Violation of Article 41 of of the constituion. The Qemant people denied of access to Farming land on the pretext that conserving the Environment. This is only sytematic denial of the rights … Continue reading

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Gondar City in Ethiopia Returned to Normal after High Tension

Gondar City was tensed for weeks related to national census sampling procedure. Eight of Kemant counties (woredas) refused to cooperate with the census workers. The residents insisted Kemants should be sampled as the distinct community accordingly in their national census … Continue reading

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