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Delegates of Wag, Lasta and Kemant in Awi

About 140 people’s delegates from Wag, Kemant and Lasta (Lalibela and Haik), stayed in Awi January 20 through 25, 2012. They were welcomed warmly by the Awi People every woreda/administrative county. The first reception ceremony took place on the junction … Continue reading

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Future Flag of Agaw People

“Agaw unity and strength is the strength of Ethiopia, we are not against anybody just we want to restore our natural identity God has given.” I Have Dream < You can call me I have a dream; I have a … Continue reading

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Important Issue Written in Awi Dialect & Alphabet

Translated by Tege Y. Awŋi dialect alphabet was developed 47 years ago by Prof. Hetzron and his colleague. He stayed in towns of Injibara, Dangla and Fafi villages in 1965 for the study. Hetzron, Robert (1969). The Verbal System of … Continue reading

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