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Use of Predatory Journal Publications for Faculty Promotion Sparkled Crisis at Bahir Dar University (Update)

According to anonymous sources, Bahir Dar University, Haramaye University and Addis Ababa University supposedly the most credible higher education institutes in Ethiopia on the basis of their history of reputations, but that is not the case anymore, faculty members more … Continue reading

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Could Ethiopian Grain Be New Quinoa?

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Bahir Dar University Conference Arranged by Government Raises Various Issues including Amharas Are Agaws or Vice Versa

According to an anonymous source, the first speaker and chair of the conference was Mr. Alemnew Mokonnen, Organizational Affairs at Regional Government. On October 1-3, Mr. Alemnew, illustrated comparative difference among new liberalism, social liberalism and democratic developmental state. Mr. … Continue reading

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