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Ethiopian Unity Party Sponsored Demonstration in Gondar

According to sources, small people participated in demonstration called by the Ethiopian Unity Party in the cities of Gondar and Dessie. In Gondar City, about 100 people participated in the demonstration on July 14. They were believed to be the … Continue reading

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Kemanti Language Banned at School, but Learning Continued Under Trees

Kemanti Language Banned at School Premise, but Learning Continued Under Trees A man who claimed NGO worker but not be identified by his name reported to wlka on schooling status in the area. According to him, in Askal town and … Continue reading

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70-Kemant Ethnic Members Disappeared in Ethiopia, Gondar

According a source wanted to remain in anonymous for personal safety, in this year alone, the regional government displaced about 3,000 the Kemant indigenous people from their land. Then, it transferred their land to new settlers and so called investors … Continue reading

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