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Use This Forum as an Opportunity to Express Your Views

This forum is designed to entertain your views, ideas and suggestions. It is the independent forum capable of entertaining diverse opinions not just a one side mirror. Following the commencement of the site, more than 300 viewers visited the site … Continue reading

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Surprising Benefits of Lemon in Fight against Cancer

The study has proved leman as effective treatment against cancer and other diseaes. The effectiveness of lemon has shown 10,000 tines superiority over “Adriamycin, a drug normally used chemotherapeutic”. In separate news, fresh ginger is also found to be effective … Continue reading

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Agaw-Kemant’s Complaint Letter to

Indicated below four pages of document in Amharic is the letter from Agaw Kemants to the regional government and the copy to the Federation Council. The letter files complaints on the activities of Kemant Case Study Committee regard to lack … Continue reading

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Agaw-Kemants on Critical Path to Freedom

Agaw-Kemants are indiginious people inhabit in Ethiopia, North Gondar, districts of: Quara, Chilga, Lay Armachiho, Metema, Alefa, Vicinity of Gondar Town, parts of Gondar City, Wogra and Dembya. They numbered around 1-million. They have been struggling for recognition and self-rule … Continue reading

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Agaw-Kemant Conference Manifesto (2010)

We Kemant people’s representatives from nine woredas (counties) of Gondar numbered more than one thousand delegates and supporters held a half day conference in Gondar City, Cinima Hall. We discussed in depth on an unresolved issue, demand for Kemant nationality … Continue reading

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All Man Created Equally

Human rights are basci needs that every person is entitled just to being human, to detrmine one’s self-destine. ‘All men are created equally’ is the concept, which can be associated with the Biblical notion man created in image of God. In … Continue reading

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