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ANDM Advised to Rename Region and Restructure Political Systems to Accommodate Diversity

The article posted on social media, Kemant Facebook by Balambaras Negash urges the regional ruling party, Amhara National Democratic Movement (ANDM) to rename Region-3, currently called Amhara Region. Balambaras argues the territory is the home of the Agaw people, Amhara, … Continue reading

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Protected: Major Signs of Identity Crisis

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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ይድረስ፡  ለአቶ ይግዛው አጥናፉ

ካሉበት ከበቃኸኝ አንተነህ: ጎንደር ለወልቃይት የአማራነት የማንነት ጥያቄ የቅማንትን ቅማንትነት እንደመያዦ (collateral) አትመልከቱት በዘ-ሀበሻ ድህረ-ገፅ ላይ ‹‹ወልቃይትን አዳፍኖ ቅማንት የዘከረው የጎንደሩ ጉባዔ›› በሚል ርዕስ ጥር 16/2009 ግላዊ ስሜትክን ማንፀባረቅህ ይታወቃል፡፡ እርግጥ ነው ሌሎች እነ ዳግማዊ መዐሕድ፣ ቤተ-አመራ፤ እና የእነሱ ተከታዮች … Continue reading

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Warnings in Kemant Referendum Process

Special Editorial A constructional resolution to the Kemant constitutional demand is one of the key factors for the regional stability and durable peace. An encouraging thing is, there is a first step process is in the place to tackle the … Continue reading

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