Kemant District Coordinating Committees Informed Respective Woreda Councils on Next Move

Delay on the Kemant people’s request for recognition and self-government has likely created frustration and mistrust in the government. The community members have challenged the respective Kemant Coordinating Committees in woredas for their indefinite patience. The committees usually try to cool down people by issuing various reasons for delay. In recent days, because of intense pressure from the community members, the Coordinating Committees of four woredas notified in writing to respective woredas on next popular moves, which they have no power to stop. The activity may include, rally, or demonstration. Woredas, which disclosed their next move includes Chilga, Metema, Lai Armachiho and Gondar Vicinity, and other woredas are also reportedly notified in person on their plan for the similar measures. The committees asked administrative body at every level to cooperate when the people take steps to exercise their constitutional rights. However, an observer from North America who visited Metema recently thinks Amhara National Democratic Movement (ANDM), the regional party, may intensify repression and harassment as the Kemant people move overtly to exercise their legitimate rights. Kemants as well as other Agaw groups have no political party which represents their social political and economic interests. They are just limited to the good-wills of ANDM and unusual delay in the due justice should not be surprising. According to the same observer, EPDM once born and grew on sacrifices of the Agaw people betrayed them as it has transferred itself from EPDM to ANDM.

At the same time, Kemant Interim Council submitted to federation council and regional government suggestions and recommendation obtained from the workshop held three weeks ago. The council stressed extra delay and lack of due justice, as the case thrown back and forth between the federation council and regional body. It also underlined the points addressed in the workshop, the procedure called study was unnecessary systematically employed for delaying tactic. Presence of Kemant people is well known pre-Haile Silassie to EPRDF and no need another study. As was noted in the previous report, the study process was rejected in the beginning due to lack of transparency and biased contents. On other hand, Federation Council reportedly wrote a letter to the Regional Council following the workshop. The content of the letter was not immediately available to this site.

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