New Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Contaminated with Chauvinist Ideology

Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed

Abiy Ahmed, New Ethiopian Prime Minister

by Wondmu Workwu
The Agaw people’s attachment to the Oromo people and the Tigrian people is cemented with the common blood and heritage. No one will break it in the future. They are the one who aired our voice on their media, let the international community know our sufferings taking place in so-called Amhara Region. However, when it comes to the designated New Prime Minister, Abiy Ahmed, I do not see Oromo values from him. I tried to assess his background, I have found that he has been contaminated with a chauvinist ideology. He is expected to assume power officially by Monday, April 2, 2018, as the Prime Minister of Ethiopia, following the confirmation by the Parliament.  His political intention was noted in his interview with Amara Media after Bahir Dar Conference last year, he didn’t even mention sufferings of the Agaw people in the region.
Dr. Abiy Ahmed, as a senior OPDO official knows very well genocide committed by Amara Government on the Agaw people and continuous repression. If he was a genuine Oromo leader and Christian, he would not make an alliance with the genocide perpetrators, the ANDM officials. All indications have proven that he has been contaminated with the Chauvinist ideology. The Agaw people should not expect anything good from him. Rather, the Agaw people should prepare for a final resistance to liberty.
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One Response to New Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Contaminated with Chauvinist Ideology

  1. THE KING TUT ORIT says:

    One more thing I’ll add to my comment; we cannot rely on Prime Ministers who are not Agaws to care about what we need, however, if we get our own Federal State we can help unite Ethiopia for the betterment of the elderly and the youth. We must understand that outsiders want Agaws to be in their religion; other than the religion Kemant; because they don’t want us to be our own people and they want us to fight each other so we can’t focus on making our land and nation into Heaven on Earth. Look at Isaiah 19:2; we know it’s the words of our haters; because it says God will make Egyptians fight Egyptians. Now North Ethiopia and the land Egypt belong to Agaws; so Isaiah 19:2 is against us; but Yedora will never make Agaws fight each other. So we must unite across religions as Agaws. Of course, Muslim, Christianity, and Jew Israel are all copycats of our religion Agaw-Kemant.

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