Agaw Democratic Party External Relations Committee Statement on Situations of Agaw People in Benishugl Gumuz, Gondar and Lasta

The Agaw Democratic Party (AgDP)’s external relations communiqué’s states that the recent mass massacre of the Agaw people in Benishangul Games is part of systematic and continuous atrocity against the Agaw people in Ethiopia. And the communiqué condemned in strong terms the crime committed by the Benishengul Regional Government cadres and security there.

Regard to the situation in Gondar, the communiqué described the atrocity against the Agaw people is in continuation. The referendum efforts to bring a peaceful resolution for the Agaw-Kemant constitutional demand has been foiled due to the National Election Board of Ethiopia (NEBE) dishonest and inability to conduct free and fair referendum based on its election law.  The communiqué reads, it seems the continuation of the conflict in Gondar is in the interest of the Ethiopian Federal Government.  Otherwise, it could provide all necessary legal support and security the referendum to be executed fairly and freely in a manner that is acceptable to both contesting parties.

Shamelessly, the NEBE released false data as if there was the referendum in Quara kebeles, Metema and declared a victory for the regional ruling party, the ANDM. The communiqué reads, the ANDM seems it has come to the realization that the NEBE false victory would not bring peace in the region and presumably has shown an interest to take its own administrative measures to resolve the issue. It added, “if this is true”, the AgDP welcomes the ANDM move.

The communiqué also has noticed the demand of the last people for a zonal status of traditional Lasta Province and eventual union with the Wags for cultural revival and mutual development. The document reads, despite the Lastans demand is very basic, at any government level, the ANDM has been twisted and ignored their aspiration for the past three-years. The communiqués call on the ANDM to accommodate the aspiration of the Latsta people if the ANDM is serious about the unity of the region.

Lastly, the communiqué calls on the Agaw people to stand up for their rights in a unity. It reads the Agaw people should never expect any legal protection, but prepare themselves for an inevitable worst situation.


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One Response to Agaw Democratic Party External Relations Committee Statement on Situations of Agaw People in Benishugl Gumuz, Gondar and Lasta

  1. THE KING TUT ORIT says:

    The Revival of Agaw culture is the key word I like, because that’s what’s needed for keeping our identity from going extinct. We must not allow modern technology that comes with new religions to make us think that our culture and religion needs to be left in the past. The Creator Of The Universe made different fruits to get sweetness, because not everyone likes the same fruit, for example, there are those who hate apples but love pears, so they can get their sweets from pears: Thus no one religion is the only way to the Creator Of The Universe: So with that I feel that any one who offers you religion with a new culture is out to take away your identity and self-rule so that they can rule over you. I am the leader of the Agaw-Kemant Dynasty here in Memphis, Tennessee, Peace, Salom, My People

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