In Quara, Kemant Farmers Boycott Referendum Voting and Illegal Voters Cast their Vote

(wlka informantt from Mtema): According to the latest report,  the regional government and security officials registered 1500 illegal voters in Quar alone. The illegal voters by definition are not residing a particular election kebele and not qualified to vote on the basis of the Ethiopian election law. Those illegal voters came to a respective voting station on Sunday morning to vote. The Kemants told them not to take part in the election illegally. But the illegal voters ignored the Kemants warnings and continued voting. Then, the Kemants boycott the process and return their home without casting the vote.

the similar dispute was broke in Shinfe due to the presence of illegal voters. But some of the illegal voters return their home without voting and the process continued. The problem is the regional security forces snatched voting cards from the Kemants and many of them couldn’t vote in Shinfe. Since the Kemants were walking to voting stations without arms, there was nothing they could do when police snatched and tore their cards.

According to the informant, all those illegal activities and fraud was reported to National Election Board of Ethiopia (NEBE), but it failed to discharge its constitutional responsibilities by preventing the process from fraud.

Some observers believe that outcome of the result is predetermined to the regional government and one should not expect anything different. The board is just there to legitimize the fraudulent referendum.

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4 Responses to In Quara, Kemant Farmers Boycott Referendum Voting and Illegal Voters Cast their Vote

  1. Wasiye Debebe says:

    My friend Amara oppositions are usually bitter to the EPRDF’s election fraud for the past 25 years. What we have seen on the Kemant referendum is usual fraud and unfree process. What is different from the past election is the number of illegal voters is very high on the current referendum. If the Amara oppositions are to accept the Kerant referendum process as legitimate they have no any justification to condemn the past elections of the EPRDF. They have to accept the EPRDF as a legitimate party and stop their activities.
    For me what is scary the election fraud has become the culture of the country. That means Ethiopia will never achieve democray and supremacy of the law anymore. This is something I have learned from the Kemant current referendum.

  2. ayner says:

    The Amhara opposition groups must stop this circular problem now!
    The Kemant people and the Gondar residents as a whole gone through enough problems and this referendum was expected bring the final solution. If the vote could have been free of fraud activities or else we the Kemant people live in Diaspora afraid for the dire consequences. All in all, we want this referendum to resolve an outstanding dispute and bring lasting peace among Gondaris.
    I was confused when someone told me that the Amhara won the voting. Why in the world the Amhara is part of the voting? I thought this is the final chance for ONLY Kemants to vote for their self-identity and determinations?

  3. Kebede says:

    accept the present result, do not complain. Wait another one in the future

  4. yonas says:

    What is amazing is the way ‘ these stupid officials of Amhara region including Gedu’ think! THEY think of this fraud as if they were contributing A LOT to their country, their region and their people. what a GREAT GRAND STUPIDITY !!!!

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