Cognitive Brain Boosting Pill Discovered

Since an ancient period brain boosting plants have been known in Ethiopia, but in practical reality, they have become harmful contrary to desired outcomes for the reasons of inappropriate combination, inability to distinguish the plants that have serious side effects in the long run and lack of procedural transparency due to secrecy. The American’s present pill is manufactured from combinations of vitamins as supplementary and no expected side effect. Its manufacturer company, as well as product is called Cogniq.

It is not clear whether the current pill can rehabilitate deficiency related to major mental illness such as schizophrenia, which damages a cognitive/mental system permanently. What is clear is its ability to boost IQ level up to 47% and people with IQ below 90 appear to primary beneficiaries. It has been reported enhancement in mental sharpness and memory. This is a revolutionary change that supposed to evident in a lifestyle. According to psychologists, even 20 IQ difference brings a huge difference between individuals how to cope with an environment, comprehension and learning performance. Click the following link to access the information on discovery:

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One Response to Cognitive Brain Boosting Pill Discovered

  1. Wondmu W says:

    discover is very interesting. Thirty years ago, mental and brian issue was a red line. I mean once damage is occurred, its condition supposedly irreversible. Now, we have heard something a miracle.

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