Warnings in Kemant Referendum Process

Special Editorial

A constructional resolution to the Kemant constitutional demand is one of the key factors for the regional stability and durable peace. An encouraging thing is, there is a first step process is in the place to tackle the outstanding problem and clear way for confidence building and full democratization of the region. No doubt, the region is at a  critical junction maybe for good.

Despite this initial encouraging sign, there is a real danger clouding the process in an intention to hijack the final outcome in illegal means, but under the cover the law. The highest risk districts for imminent danger are orderly Metema, Gondar Vicinity (zurya), Negade Bahir, Adho and corners of Quara, but not limited.

In order to avoid pending danger and ensure peaceful constitutional conclusion in the current referendum process, the following measures must be taken promptly (timely):

  1. The administration of the whole referendum process should be handed over to a neutral federal body.
  2. Voters list should be verified prior to the voting date, as well as, during voting.
  3. Temporary neutral federal court and security force should be in place prior to the voting date, to resolve any possible disputes and deal with any security problems.
  4. Voting should be conducted at an open public place, each ballot card should contain voter’s full name and figure print. This may be unusual way, but the remedy for the current pending problem. if not, use of secret ballot could be vulnerable to cheating and eventually can lead to further bloodshed in the region. As we learned from the past four election experiences, the region lacked public confidence, neutrality and even competency to administer the elections. Both parties involved in the process and the federal government should let happen again.

If the current process is completed without incidents, it may be a new chapter for confidence building, further dialogue for human rights, democratization, equality and for some level of cooperation for mutual interest on equal footing.

Good Luck

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