Musie Abraham’s Requst to VOA

CC: to wlka
This is a copy of the message sent to Voice of America Amharic Service:
Comment: We Agew people, need your cooperation to assist us by broadcasting our message to the Ethiopians. Let the Ethiopian people understand our request which is quest for a separate state from Amhara State..
I look forward to hearing from you a promptly positive response.
Kind regards,

Musie Abraham
The Agaw Democratic Party’s Foreign Relations Chief
Melbourne, Australia

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One Response to Musie Abraham’s Requst to VOA

  1. Birtu says:

    Never and Ever
    VOA, the Amharic service is the other side of the coin of the Chauvinist group. In particular Addisu Abebe is the most dictator guy who doesn’t want to hear anything from Agaw and other oppressed people. He assumes that the supremacy of one nation and the oppression of Agaw is the law of nature. please do not knock this door again.!
    Have you ever heard VOA reported about the brutality and barbaric act done to Qemant in the previous year? But a lot of report on Konso, a lot on Amhara, a lot on others when he feels that his report is meant for the destruction of peace and security in the country.
    VOA is the most partial media.

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