Listeners Reaction to Musie Abraham, AgDP Foreign Relations Chief’s interview with SBS Radio

Since the publication of Mr. Musie Abraham’s interview with SBS Radio on October 18, 2016, wlka has systematically surveyed listeners or viewers’ reaction to the interview. Mr. Musie’s interview was initially broadcasted by SBS Radio based in Australia. After publication on the SBS media, his interview process had been published on Tigraionline, Agaw-Qemant face book, wlka and one of Affaan Oromo blogs. The largest reaction more than 52 comments appeared on tigraionline and the comments displayed also on the SBS Radio system and Qemant website. In addition to comments appeared on these sites, wlka collected information through reliable sources. The reactions to the interview are summarized as follows.
1. Larger comments supportive to the issue addressed in the interview, which is the formation Agaw Regional State.

2. Some of the comments preferred Agaw and Amharas continuity in a single state but proposed an alternative solution, the formation of a new party named to Agaw-Amhara to conquer ABDM atrocity and form a joint regional government. These comments are believed to be given by Amhara opposition elites. If this scenario is genuine, this is the first time, Amhara opposition elite to accept the Agaw people’s basic rights. Of course, it is a positive development for the democratization of the region, peace, and stability. The same group also insisted that ANDM is not Amhara party, and to say Amhara cannot be blamed by ANDM’s atrocity against the Agaw people. One of the commentator states, “Mr. Musie knows the ANDM is nor Amhara party”.

3. Other categories of comments are in protest to the Agaw’s rights to form their own regional government. This group tried to disseminate usual propaganda, tagging a code name to Mr. Musie and AgDP Chairman as Tigraians for their advocacy for the Agaw people’s rights. Of course, personalities tagged as Tigrians includes Mr. Kassa Tekleberhan,Mr. Binalf Andualem, Agaw Kemant right activists, and others. As one commentator put, if an Agaw person is designated as a Tigrigna, that means, a person is a strong activist for the Agaw people’s rights. This what I have learned, he says.

Observers generalize that the code name Tigraian is tagged to any Agaw person who asserts Agaw’s rights, or who reject Beta Amharas’ ideological fallacy regard to its inclusion of Amharic speakers into an Amhara ethnic group. The example of ideological fallacy is indicated below in the Amharic phrase, which was posted on Facebook having cited its source from a Beta Amhara conference.

The example of Beta Amhara’s ideological fallacy on an ethnic defining, the Amharic phrase reads:
“አማራነኝ ያለው ሁሉ አማራ ነው”
ማላት “አማርኛ የሚናገር ሁሉ አማራ ባይሆንም አማራነኝ ብሎ ከመጣና ለአማራ ጥቅምና አላማ የሚያገለግል ከሆነ አማራ ነው”
(በአትላንታ በጥቅምት 2016 በተካሄዳው በቤተ አማራ ስብባ ላይ የተለጠፈ ፖስተር)

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One Response to Listeners Reaction to Musie Abraham, AgDP Foreign Relations Chief’s interview with SBS Radio

  1. Shitu Beyene says:

    In a modern political history, no people, or nation enable to achieve their human and democratic rights without party leadership. For the past 23 years, until 2012 establishment of Agaw Democratic Party (AgDP), Agaws joined Amhara party ANDM and other Amhara opposition parties and served Amharas interests, not Agaws’ interests. After establishment, the AgDP enabled to put pressure on ANDM to respect the Agaws’ rights. As a result, ANDM took small steps including acceptance of establishment of university in Agaw area and Kemant self-rule. Before establishment of AgDP, ANDM officials laughed when elders asked for university. That is why political party leadership is perquisite the Agaws to achieve liberty and equality in Ethiopia. That why the ANDM is persecuting AgDP. Of course, AgDP has no permanent enemy, but it has a permanent objective, it can work with any entity that truly respects the Agaw people’s rights including redesigning of ELEMENTARY SCHOOL CURRICULUM as proposed in the AgDP’s party program.

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