Musie Abraham’s Interview with SBS Radio

Musie Abraham of Agaw Democratic Party’s Interview with the SBS in Amharic in Australia. Mr. Musie, Foreign Affairs Chief, said that following the assumption of political power of the current government, we had been given the opportunity to establish a regional state, like others, but we decided to stay with Amharas due to our historical bonding with them. However, due to ANDM’s atrocity and partiality against the Agaw people, our dream to live with Amharas in a single regional state has vanished, it is not anymore intact. Now, we have been forced to quest a separate Agaw Regional State to exercise our natural and constitutional rights. Click the link below the picture to access the 20-minitues interview. Musie’s interview has attracted considerable viewers and there are a number of comments on Tigrai online, Qemant Facebook and on original SBS page.


Musie Abraham with SBS Radio

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