Africa Confidential Reported Death of 100 Kemants (Qimants) by Security Officials and Amhara Militia

Africa Confidential is published in London since 1960. The magazine which discussed the current situation in Ethiopia briefly reported the Kemants (Qimants) issue. The following text has been quoted from Africa Confidential, Vol, 57, NO 17, August 2016.
Another issue within Amhara illustrates the complexities. As the Oromo protests were exploding in November, trouble was also brewing among the Qimant, another Semitic group which lives just to the west of Gondar. A long-standing claim for autonomy, as promised by the 1995 constitution, came to a head when the Bahir Dar government offered to give the community control of 42 local administrations; the Qimant had asked for more than 170 councils. The Qimant duly rejected the offer and Amhara militias and regional security officials punished them for their assertiveness. By the time federal forces were deployed to quell the violence, almost 100 Qimant people were dead.
EPRDF leaders give the impression that they would like such issues to disappear so that the nation can harmoniously focus on their development agenda. Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn has made comments suggesting that all claims over ethnic autonomy have been settled. However, that isn’t the view held by the Qimant or indeed by others such as the Konso community in the bewilderingly multi-ethnic south. Hailemariam used to be President of the Southern Nations’, Nationalities’ and Peoples’ Region.
Although mechanisms for conflict resolution exist, such as the upper chamber of the federal Parliament, the House of Federation, they suffer from the same problem as all other political institutions: they are controlled by the EPRDF and so are not impartial. Other more fundamental constitutional challenges, most pertinently the Oromo demand for greater autonomy, are a reiteration of perennial questions about Ethiopian statehood. As such they can be dealt with only through major political processes, rather than technocratic fixes.

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2 Responses to Africa Confidential Reported Death of 100 Kemants (Qimants) by Security Officials and Amhara Militia

  1. achenafi says:

    Do you think anyone listen to you at this time?This is not the time to talk about all these nonsense Join the Ethiopian people’s struggle for freedom from the barbaric government(EPRDF). People all over Ethiopia are raising their fists against this government. Unless you are a cadre, you should not mention this issue

  2. Kidus Tomas says:

    What do you mean Mr Achenafi? every body is talking about its own ‘barbaric’ be it ANDM for kimants or EPRDF. for you. By the way EPRDF learned this barbaric action from your ancestors who built it for the last 700-800 years for conspiracy.

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