Binalf Andualem’s Residency Set on Fire at Finote Selam

Demonstrators at Finote Selam, Damot, attacked and burned down on fire the residence of Mr. Binalf Andualem on August 24, 2016. Three individuals among demonstrators spread fuel on the roof made of corrugated tin to ignite a fire on the house. One of the demonstrators got hurt due to the explosion. The regional media controlled by Mr. Andualem’s opponents claimed one of crowd killed due to gun fire from the residence. But the demonstrators’ spokesman who said their aim was to get Andualem, described, no one was injured or died from the crowd on August 24. However, another participant stated there were four deaths on the next day demonstration on August 25.

Mr. Binalf Andualem is head of Education Bureau and Deputy Governor of Region-3/Amhara Region. The demonstrators who described themselves antigovernment forces numbered around thousands. Most of them are young people. The demonstrators’ spokesman who declined to give his name stated that the young people came out demonstration because of they were hurt by the Credit Union (Bidirna Kuteba). The ruling party’s credit union known as Amhara Saving and the Credit Union charges an interest rate up to 18%. If the creditors unable to pay in a given time, confiscates any available property. It was initially started with funds given by UN to support, especially poor women to create micro/small business for a living.

Observers who preferred anonymity for their safety told a wlka informant that demonstrators appeared to be agitated by Right Wing ANDM’s faction, what is called African Neo-Nazi to kill Mr. Andualem because of his difference with them on 2015 Kemant Genocide and the current crisis in the region. Mr. Andualem the former teacher made his position clear publicly on the both issues.

In past April, he told an audience in Gondar that the Kemants’ property confiscated or taken during the conflict must be returned without any conditions. Besides that he rejected Regional Government’s policy of ristricting Kemants’ planned Self-rule within 42 localities, by saying it is unfair. Regard to Walkiet dispute, he said Walkiet is part of Tigiray Regional State, no need for violence. Any difference should be handled on a basis of democratic principles and the constitution.

The same observers added Right Wing faction led by Gedu Andargachew, which has no tolerance on political difference, has been planning to kill Mr. Binalf Andualem and Kassa Teklebirhan in the name of public violence. wlka covered in the previous news regard to Kassa Teklebirhan.

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