Protesters in Bahir Dar City Killed and Agaws Advised for Their Safety

Antigovernment protest took place in Bahir Dar on August 6 and 7. During the protest, 20-30 people are reportedly killed. The report is not independently confirmed. According to residents, killing started at the part of the city called Abay Mado. The protesters threw an object towards the ruling party’s Martyr Building, to express their opposition. The ruling party’s veteran guard on the entrance instantly fired on protesters automatic machine gun and killed 6 people. After that, the peaceful demonstration changed into violence.

The former House Speaker, Kassa Teklebirhan’s residence was set on fire. He is the only official who criticized demonstrators for targeting Tigrians in Gondar City on July 15, 2016. His Agaw identity is also another cause for being the target. A source wants to remain in anonymous told a wlka informant that Kassa’s residence was burnt down by his party members who oppose him not by the crowd. In related news, the demonstrators in Gondar set fire on the ruling ANDM office.

The Right Wing ruling party members within the ANDM called African Neo-Nazis currently dominant on the party decision used the occasion for inciting against other ethnic groups, particularly against Tigrians and their properties. After killing, several ANDM ruling party’s companies including Abay Bank also ransack. Oromia Bank located downtown was targeted by the protesters. ESAT, media in Diaspora has been disseminating inaccurate information. ESAT reported the Bahir Dar protesters were killed by the Agazi, Tigrian Special Force, without reporting the start of killings by the local veteran as mentioned above.

ESAT also reported the broke off a demonstration at Sereka, Dasha and Shinfa and Metema. If this information is true, the move will put directly in conflict with Kemants, Amharas neighbors. Shinfa and Metema were among districts, December 2015 Kemant Genocide took place. From December 9 to December 18, the regional government fielded 10,000 paratroops and militia in intention to destroy Kemants. The government forces killed 95 Kemants mostly children and elderly. The government’s troops also wounded 86 Kemants and destroyed or taken the properties estimated to be US$34.34 million. The human causality on the government side was worse. At Shinfa alone the government lost 562 fighters. On December 9, as the government forces marched towards Metema after the invasion of Shinfa, Kemants ambushed and destroyed 5 trucks carried soldiers, killing 562. In Mura locality, 142 special forces) (the paratroops) including their Chief Commander and Deputy Commander, were killed in seven days war between villagers and the troops. Soldiers retaliated the villagers by killing 24 children and elders. An Independent Human Rights Observer, Worku Berihu in his letter dated April 14 to US Department of State and European Parliment, listed Head of Amhara Regional Government, Mr. Gedu Andargachew and other six officials as key suspects in Kemant Genocide.

Shinfa and Metema front lines were led by Major Dejene as a chief commander and , Col. Demeke Zewde, so called Walkiet Committee Leader as Deputy Commander. For observers in the region, Col. Demeke Zewdwe is not actually a freedom fighter as western media portrayed, but the ruling party’s commander who committed a crime against humanity. The western media has never covered the government’s genocide against Kemant people in December because Kemant’s revolt is not political interests of the western media.

Some of the Bahir Dar protesters reached by wlka informant told that they thought originally the demonstration had a national issue, but it was a primarily ethnic issue. They talked about Walkiet, which is irrelevant to the crowd, said. According to the observers, the situation seems out of control for the government forces. The survival of the regime is at stake. The Agaw people are at a critical point for their safety unless they are armed for self-defense. The opposition parties which have never condemned December 2015 Kemant Genocide cannot be trusted for the safety of Beta Israel and Agaw people, particularly for the Kemants, according to the observers.

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