BBC Racist and Anti-Semitic Media

By Bija Dawit

BBC has never reported persistent atrocity and genocide in Gondar against Kemant people by the government forces in Mura, Shinfa, Metema, Quara and Lay Armachiho and Tach Armachiho in Gondar Province. Let me provide you with some facts:

    1. November 4-10, 2015, 24 children and elderly people were massacred by the government security forces at the village of Mura, Lay Armachiho County. As a result, intensive fighting took place between farmers and regional government, Special Forces for 7-days. At the end, 142 soldiers were killed, including Chief Commander and Deputy Commander of the Special Forces.
    2. In May 2015, during the national election period, dozens of Kemants were arrested and two farmers’ houses were demolished for exercising their constitutional rights, by supporting the opposition party called Agaw Democratic Party; The party’s one of the candidates at Metema constituency for parliament was poisoned .
    3. On June 13, 2015, 6-Kemants were murdered allegedly try to organize a demonstration in the Aykel town, Chilga County. Another dozen of people who sustained a severe injury on the same occasion was deprived medical treatment by government officials’ directive and eventually died or disabled. There are an unknown number of people held in detention in Chilga and other areas to date.
    4. In 2013, more than 60 Kemants held at Debat & Debark remote detention centers for three months without any charge.
    5. December 9-18, Amhara Regional Government fielded 2,000 Special Force (paratroops) and 8,000 militia recruited from the region, the total of 10,000 troops were sent to North Gondar to destroy Kemants for once and all. On December 9, 2015, afternoon the government forces started the war of genocide at the town of Shinfa, located in eastern part of Metema. On the next day, the war spread into the counties of Chilga, Quara, Tach Armachiho and the vanity of Gondar City.

    • On December genocide war, 95 Kemants massacred, 86 Kemants sustained an injury, more than 27 Kemants taken to a detention center, 26 people disappeared their whereabouts is not known. Genocide against Kemants is in progress even after December as described in the cover letter of this report.
    • The December genocide actors also took 18,756 domestic animals, confiscated or destroyed 42,284 quintals of grain, demolished or burned in fire 986 houses and caused other miscellaneous property losses. The total of lost property is estimated to be US$34 million.
    • On December genocide, the government too lost 562 soldiers in Shinfa war alone. On December 9, the Kemant farmers ambushed the government forces as they tried to March to Metema after Shinfa invasion and destroyed 5 logistic trucks and killed 562 soldiers. The government held in secret its causality in the fear of public protest and it has been telling the public soldiers are in training.

    My question is why BBC has never reported to its audience all these atrocities and genocide committed against Kemant people? Why this time it is quick to report unreliable news from the same Gondar province on a demonstration held on July 31, 2016? Is this because of the present demonstrators are Orthodox Christians? Is because some Kemants are still practiced the early Judaism/Orit, pre-Christianity faith, what they called the worship of Abraham? Is it because Kemants originated from Canaan-Egypt as Amhara elite put it? What is a grand reason, BBC to bias against Kemant people, Agaws in general? I know I cannot answer in certainty these questions, but I assume BBC’s bias is likely the Kemant’s association with Orit faith and origin. Consequently, it is appropriate to characterize BBC as the racist and anti-Semitic media.

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