Agaw Democratic Party/ AgDP Statement on Kemant People Genocide and Other Contemporary Issues

Tire 9, 2008

Specially, since the end of November 2015, our Kemant sisters and brothers lost their life due to the war imposed upon them in districts (woredas) of Quara, Chilge, Tach Armachiho, Metema and other areas. Thousands of Kemants have been displaced around. Besides life loss and social crisis, Kemants lost their properties estimated in millions of dollars. AgDP holds responsible ብአዴን/ANDM’s new faulty chauvinist policy for destruction and tragedy against Kemants, the Agaw people in general.
First and for most, AgDP extends condolence to Kemant people whom heartlessly lost their life in Amhara Region of Ethiopia, including in Gondor prison by the flame fire; to Oromo demonstrators whom died during recent upraising and to those whom sent to Kemant villages and towns ignorantly to cause destruction and massacre but has never returned to their families as they expected.
Furthermore, AgDP calls on:
1. Regional Government, Federal Government and international community to provide immediate humanitarian assistance.
2. Federal Government to persecute officials involved in Kemant genocide at neutral federal court.
3. Federal Government of Ethiopia Pay full property compensation plus moral compensation for the genocide victims.
4. Concerning body to release all Kemants from detention including those poisoned for self-defensive actions during genocide. The federal government should not act artificially to please ANDM cadres since self defense is allowed in Ethiopian law.
5. The Regional Government to apologize Kemants officially for genocide. If Agaw people in general and Agaw-Amharas to stay together in the same region, ANDM’s apology and trial of officials involved in genocide is pre-condition.
6. The Regional Government to stop persecution of AgDP party members in the region, particularly in Gondar. The recently an East Africa publication has noticed that regional government has resorted the policy of anti-Agaw in economic and political aspects due to its phobic to future.
7. Federal Government to guarantee Kemants’ self-rule demand fully without precondition, including other kebels recently want to join Kemant self-rule in addition to 128 kebeles.

Agaw Democratic Party/AgDP
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Tire 9, 2008

Notice: AgDP statement was originally send in Amharic one month ago, but wlka declined to publish. This time, it is translated, but long 5-page paper, the wlka has decided to publish only summer of the document.

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