Kemants Request is in Turmoil: Who is Responsible?

By Ayner,

The recent conflict between the Kemant ethnic groups and the local government in Gondar creates puzzlement for many of us who live in diaspora. Many unconfirmed sources are reporting that the situation is getting incomprehensive. They are blaming that the local government soldiers are executing civilians which is a retaliation for defeated on battles. I don’t know who is winning and who is losing the battlefield but the real truth is that we all are losing. It’s very shameful that we are still implementing forces to resolve internal issues. I remember that the former prime minister, Melese Zenawi indicated that, one of Ethiopia’s chronic problems is that we are adopting the cyclical patterns. He has suggested that we don’t need a cyclical partners. Instead he said, we need a continuous improvements. The former prime minister was correct! Attempting to resolve internal issues using armed force is a catastrophic and cyclical behavior that the “derg” regime used it and we all know that it has failed miserably. Why then we are back into the same situation which the former prime minister warned us not to repeat?

The real question now remains who is responsible? The federal government, the local government, or the Kemant people? I don’t know the real answer but my recommendation is that the federal government should use its superior authorities and it should bring the conflict into a halt. It has convinced me and many others that the federal government is the only option with its power and authorities to resolve this imprudence issues. The fact that the issue is transforming into problems and it costs many lives and properties should trigger immediate action from the federal government by now. Otherwise, the issue may continue and it will be a disruptive to our nation’s development and transformations and as a result, we might miss massive economic opportunities in that region. Our nation can’t strategically plan socio-economic developments while ignoring violence and civil unrest.

As far as we know the federal government has granted the Kemant people their civil rights and it was announced over the national Medias. Then why in the world the issue is still going on and why people are still killed and why resources are still destroyed? We heard that the Kemant people have complained that the local government refused to implement what was granted by the federal government. If there is a hidden agenda behind the scenes, then it’s unacceptable and will not work in the 21st century civilizations. If it’s a violation of civil rights which many Kemants are complaining, then the situation is directly related to the famous American civil right movement of the 1960’s. Injustice somewhere is a threat to justice anywhere, “Dr. Martin Luther king Jr.” For example, Dr. King had to fight paradoxical problems that too many self interest groups opposed his civil right movement activities and he himself had convinced American society by non-violence struggles; in conjunction by going into jails, by writing letters, and finally by giving his life. Dr. King had claimed a part of the US constitution, “all men are created equal” and he could mobilized the entire African-Americans in peaceful movements. Like Dr. King, the entire Kemant people requested their civil rights legally based on article 39 of the constitution. The request was rejected many times. Kemant people then demonstrated peacefully and respectfully (non-violence). Like Dr. King, many Kemant leaders had severed a bitter jail times and some are still continue to serve without parole. Like Dr. King many of us writing letters including this one, to communicate that Kemant quest is constitutional and it’s only for self-rule, identity restoration, and socio-economic developments. And finally, like Dr. King, manty Kemant liberators are sanctified their lives.

What more work is then society want the Kemant people to do? Why many subsistent peasants are becoming the victims of this nonsense conflict? If the local government is a failure to resolve the issue peacefully, then why the federal government took too long to react? Why too many deaf ears and blind eyes are created specifically not to hear and not to see the Kemant issues? It mystifies the whole issues to these days and too many of us in diaspora are very worried about the situation because it might get out of hand and we will regret later on.

We from diaspora are proud for the double digit growth of our nation. However, we really are perplexed about why the Kemant issue is lingering so long and cost the nation these much? We need to solve public issues and restore peace in the area before it creates more human damages and impacts our economic developments. Economic development can’t succeed with conflicts. Development and conflict are don’t mix well and they never coexisted at all. We from diaspora are ready to get participated into the 2016 summer diaspora festival scheduled in Bahir-Dar. Some of us here from diaspora are working hard recruiting people to support the government projects such as the Great Renaissance Dam, the housing development projects, and now we are working on the Amhara regional development plans. The real dilemma for us, is that how in the world we can convince people to invest in Gondar where civil war is still existing?

I really don’t know who to blame but the central government needs to use the power to resolve such precarious issues. Otherwise, we are going to miss not only the diaspora support but also massive foreign direct investments. If you are agree with me, then please write to the elective representatives in parliament. They are the once have the power and the authority to initiate solutions for this conflict.

Best Regards,


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7 Responses to Kemants Request is in Turmoil: Who is Responsible?

  1. Kumar says:

    I really do not understand why you do not know the answer. The local government does not do anything without the order of the federal government. They work together. They just play games.The only thing to blame is the whole system.It is divide and rule by causing conflicts among societies. That is why people are rising up from south to north. Please learn from this and do not put our people at risk any more. This is enough to learn about them. Please open up your mind and join the whole Ethiopian people except the few “HODAM”

    I hope I will hear some understanding from you .

    • ayner says:

      Dear Kumar,
      I am afraid that I agree with you completely. Lets evaluate the situation without getting emotional. What kind of government thrive to create chaos upon its administration like what happened in Gondar. No matter what political game they want to play, they don’t play it unless it benefits them. I don’t see any good reason why the federal government could calculates the situation in Gondar.

      That is why I still want to know who is responsible?


  2. Dear Ayner,
    As you know, Ethiopia is a multi-ethnic society, and many countries have lived in harmony for many years. However, the dominant ethnic groups have been on the forefront in fighting for political power. The relatively less dominant communities have been playing the card of opportunism. In the mean time, the Baden government officials made frustration among the poor Kemant people, both in urban and rural areas, has created a growing tendency to use violence as a viable means to correct the situation. These clashes display the anger among those living in improverished conditions. Others are also frustrated because of the deliberate delay in addressing certain problems haunting the Kemant society. As a matter of fact, no one can escape from reality and we are in the 21st century, the whole world is watching mass massacres on the Kemant people, distraction infrastructure, and burning of houses in whole.
    Dear Ayner, thank you once again for your well expression,the political crisis, under the influence of ethnic rivalry and violence, has before and recently brutal murdered many Kemant people and as I mentioned above, destroyed the Kemant property including burning of their houses by The Kilil 3, Baden juntas. Such a crisis has erupted due to the lack of peaceful means to address the constitutional rights of the Kemant people.So, there will be no lasting peace unless the Federa Government addresses the Kemant self-rule quests from fundamental structural inequalities to structural equalities that turned neighbor and ethnic group against ethnic group.
    In fact, ethnicity is one of the most difficult concepts to grasp, and one of the most essential in understanding in Ethiopia. The effort of promoting democracy cannot succeed without taking into account the challenge of appropriate ethnic identities into the structure of nation-state.The failure to recognize the rights of ethnic rights will continue to foment political, social, economical and civil unrest.

  3. ayner says:

    Dear Eshetu,
    I think there are two major issues are mixing to exacerbate the entire problems.
    First, we need to understand that managing ethnic groups under a federal government requires a serious considerations because Ethiopian history suggested that authoritarian governments ultimately struggle to contain the pressures that inevitably build beneath the surface of Ethiopia’s
    complex society which is possible to erupt in unpredictable and dramatic ways.

    second, there is always a hidden agenda behind the Amhara leaders when it comes to the Kemant requests, which is a chronic disease we need to cure.

    We need a system which drives theses sensitive issues carefully. I have noticed that some drivers assumed that force will bring everything into order which is a miscalculation in a leadership.


  4. Kumar says:

    Dear Ayner
    I hope you understand the whole situation now. The federal government officals had a meeting with Kemant people in Robit as shown in the Video. They told the Kemant people that they completely support the action the Amhara Kilil officials took. This shows that nothing is done without the approval of the federal government.
    In principle, any goverment has to rule the country with peace. But, I am sorry to say it, we are being ruled by a bunch of gangs. They want people to fight one another and they do not want peace among different ethnic groups. That is how divide and rule works since there will be no cooperation among society to challenge them. I was not emotional when I say this last time.

    Thanks for your discussion


  5. Dear Ayner,
    Thank you once again, I think it is necessary to know to distinguish between that which belongs to the ethnic group and that which belongs the nation. It is unrealistic to that a Federal Government can ignore ethnic identities without repercussions. My argument is that ethnic identities need not destroyed; what should be destroyed, instead, is the practice of manipulating them. Similarly, it is a mistake to that the local government affairs could be a dictated from the view point of one ethnic group.
    In addition to my opinion,significance of ethnic identities has not be diminished with the formation of nation-states for these reason.
    First, family, clan and ethnic group are still the essential structures of social relationships.
    Secondly, one’s identity is ethnic,instead, local government, federal government must protect every ethnic identity equal rights and self-rule quests based on the rule of law. The need to respect the diversity of ethnic identities is an important aspect of forming a cohesive political society. As such, the process of harmonizing competing loyalties must be achieved by maintaining a balance between the federal government and ethnic communities. So, in my opinion, the challenge is not how to overcome ethnic identities, but how to integrate them into social relationships and political process.

  6. Thanks Ayner! This is very good explanation of the scenarios! Both the regional and federal governments cannot escape from being responsible for such peace disruption in the area of Gondar relating to kemant self-rule constitutional quest!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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