Government Lost More than 294 Soldiers in War with Kemants in Gondar

Sources from Gondar Police and Gondar Hospital want to remain in anonymity informed a wlka informant that the regional government lost 294 soldiers in fighting with Kemants, 2015 December 10 through 13 , evening. Some sources estimate the government side death 700-750. The government force was combined of militias and regular police personnel recruited from the region. It is estimated to number about 5,000. Most of fighting took place in Quara, Metema, and Chilga counties. One of wounded soldier from West Gojjam told the informant that they were told to defend land from invading Egyptians. He said, when we arrived in the front line, we didn’t find a single Egyptian, but found Kemant children and women. Our leaders, county (woreda) governors and commanders ordered us to kill Kemants randomly, burn their houses and crops. He said, “we did”, feeling guilty.
Kemant farmers and youths are grouped into small and difficult to get them, but they can target us easily. Some of the government soldiers lost their life before firing a single shot. Quara district was one of the worst places for the government forces, we lost including the Governor of Quara County (woreda) who was one of the leaders in the front line. The Governor was talking about cooking Kemants, like chicken just before his death. By Sunday evening the total of the government soldiers death reached to 294 according to briefings by the leadership. Then, we started retreating. In the same evening, the federal army entered into the front line.
The police source from Gondar gave also the similar pictures in the war. One of soldiers confessed that most of Kemant causality is made of women, children old men. “We didn’t kill not more than 10 Kemant fighters, because we could not see them, just we heard sounds of guns”. The worst thing the government force did was burn houses and crops, Approximately 12,000 or more Kemants need support for food for the next 8-months.
Observers thought the federal army could intervene earlier and save life. It was deliberately refrained from intervention because the federal body wanted conflict between Amara and Kemant to deepen towards separation. These observers also stated the Governor of Quara survived whilst his driver shot to death.
Now Kemants are talking about not live together with killers of children, Amaras. That means their demand should be promoted to the regional status instead of zonal. <p>

The regional government characterized the conflict between the people to people, Amharas and Kemants. However, identification card of died soldiers and militias are not only proved the regular soldiers and recruited militias, but it also showed their address and military rank; they were recruited from provinces (zones) of Amhara Region.

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2 Responses to Government Lost More than 294 Soldiers in War with Kemants in Gondar

  1. Mulaw says:

    Why do you post such a hate narratives? The qemant and Amhara people are living for several centuries and why are you trying to ferment hatred. Enough damage has already been made. why don’t you have message to cool down what has left as scared societies.
    Let God fills you heart with love…

  2. AgDP says:

    AgDP’s News Release
    wlka regrets it cannot publish AgDP’s news release unless it is translated in English. This is to respect the readers interest.

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