Government Forces Killed More than 300 Kemants in Gondar and more Than 10 Oromo Students Around Finfine

According to reliable eye witnesses want anonymity from Bahir Dar and Gondar, the regional government militias killed hundreds of Kemants. An exact number of causality is not clear at this point. The same source initially estimated that more than 300 Kemant children and women were murdered since the December 10th to date particularly in house-to-house campaign. Killing started afternoon on December 10, at the village of Shinfe River and then spread into 8-Kemant counties. The militia force also robbed approximately 1000 Kemants’ cattle and burnt around 3,000 houses. Before killing the militia forces transported on government owned trucks to the area and held a meeting with ruling party local leadership there.
About 30 -people murdered while worshiping at opened Orit synagogue located outskirts of Aykel town in Chilge County. Some Kemants in Chilge still practice Orit ritual what is called worship of Abrham. Besides house-to-house killings, war is taking place between the government forces and Kemant youths/farmers escaped from detention centers early. The figure is not independently confirmed.
The ruling party in the region tried to blame on the people. ANDM officials are privately claiming that bloodshed is between Amhara and Kemant, and prove of that the two people cannot live together. Controlling the situation like is the role of the federal government not for the region. Observers questioned if the ruling party was neutral in conflict as it claimed, how the perpetrators use its truck for transportation, received ammunition led by cadres and regular commanders.
As reported in previous wlka’s publications, hundreds of Kemants are in detention and dozens were killed for questing for self-rule in accordance with Constitution of Ethiopia Article 39. Especially since November genocide waged by the government forces. However, Prime Minister Hailemaryam Desalegn and Mr. Bereket Simon confirmed preparation for formation of Kemant Zone comprised of 126 Kebeles instead of 42 Kebeles as proposed by the region. They made the remark in November after visiting Bahir Dar and Gondar.
In related news, various media sources reported the death of more than 10 Oromo Students by government security forces beginning of this week. Conflict broke up following students demonstration against expansion of Addis Ababa into Oromia region. The demonstration was initiated by high school and college students Some sources estimate the number higher than the presented here. Some government officials claim that main objectives of demonstration is not the land issue, the students are used as political tools for oppositions.
In other news, explosion in Anuar Grand Mosque in Addis Ababa two days ago sustained causalities of 24-people. Dozens of Islamic religious activists are serving in jail alleged plot of terrorism.

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5 Responses to Government Forces Killed More than 300 Kemants in Gondar and more Than 10 Oromo Students Around Finfine

  1. ayner says:

    I am not sure how the calculation is computed and how the decision is made but I am very concerned about the situation. It seems to me that we are repeating history. I remember that the former prime minister Melese Zenawi indicated that we as a nation had adopted a cyclical pattern which is very dangerous. It is dangerous because during the 21st century, the poverty rock is turned into a poverty sand and it will never turn into a poverty rock again. The former prime minister was correct. We don’t need a cyclical pattern. Instead we need a continuous improvements. The situation between the Kemant people and the Amhara leaders in Gondar is clearly a cyclical problem. We already know that using force to solve internal problems create civil wars. Why we are repeating the pattern that we know it will fail?

    Ethiopia is at the verge of socio-economic transformations. The nation is transforming from agriculture society into industrializations. Industrialization has unique requirements. For example, it needs to promote urbanizations, assessing issues, mitigate problems, and better yet, attracting foreign direct investments all of which requires skills and talents. If we don’t know how to solve our minor ethnic differences peacefully, then how can we do business with the emerging countries? We are going to compute business with emerging countries such as Asians, sub-Saharans, and the Middle East all of which are tough competitors. The situation in Gondar shows me that we are still living in the 19th century style which Melse had warned us not to repeat.


  2. Gebreyesus Asfaw says:

    I do not believe Amhara is such savage who wages genocide because Kemant quested self-rule. If this is true it gives justification other regions fear the people called Amhara and puts at risk Amharic speaking population in other regions of Ethiopia. Such behavior is not expected even from the most primitive people.

  3. Birtu says:

    Please do not misunderstand Amhara Government with the innocent Amhara people. We Qemant never have a slight doubt that the wider Amhara is against Qemant. Never ever. But the regional government has done it. Even the federal govt, has done nothing to stop it. Therefore, it is high time to stop and think about it and find solution so that the two blood tie peoples not to be deceived behind the hidden secrete. Period! If things continue like this, there is no doubt the war will deflect between the two peoples. Let as aware before this happens.

  4. Who Destroys Gondar says:

    Who Destroys Gondar ?
    What is going on? Creating Gondar Unit is right path, but what is wrong is trying to solve the problem by force. Yes, creating true unit is only can be achieved through a political process, which needs people to people interaction. Creation of Gondar Unit is correct to strengthen people to people political, social and economic interaction, which takes years to materialize.
    A major obstacle that can make fruitless this good intention is attempt to use to solve the Kemants’ administrative requests by force. Unfortunately, we Ethiopians lack a strategic vision. What is harm if Kemants administer parts of Gondar. There is South Gondar administrating itself for the last 23-years. It harms North Gondar nothing. We must understand that we cannot bring lasting solution militarily whoever how we are strong. Even America and Russia the military super powers can’t solve their internal problems militarily.
    It is not WOYANE who can destroy Gondar, but our handling of the situation can create the opportunity for WAYANE to achieve its dreams. You see , unfortunately we lack political wisdom throughout our history. WOYANE’s Article 39 is only effective until WAYANE is in power, so why worry about Kemants’ self-administration and react negatively rather than focusing our energy against the main enemy. Please be wise my sisters and brother in Gondar. THANKS!

    from: Amare Getahun

    • ayner says:

      Dear Amare,

      I agree with you. Using forces to resolve internal issues is an indication of weakness in leadership. Leadership in the 21st century is not an easy task. The local government had the opportunity to asses the issues and mitigate the problems before it gets too far. But that requires good leadership skills, sufficient information, and honesty. If any of these are in deficient, then you will net get the results you want.

      About Gondar Unity: As far as we all know, Gondar Unity is against the Kemant movement. Many time we heard members on the air that they are against it. we also have the rumor that they are interfered into the conflict in a destructive way. It seems to me that they are against Article 39 but they are mixing apples and oranges. Kemants are struggling based on article 39 and if Gondar unity targets to shield kemants to get ride if article 39, then it is a big mistake. They should create their own battlefield not by hiding behind the Kemant people


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