Betrayers of Kemant People: Beyene Asmare, Abebe Nigatu and Others

by Birtu W

Dear All,
As you know very well Qemant people never had raised the quest of self-administration for the last 15 years immediately as EPRDF came to power. Qemant people believe in unity and understand its benefit more than anyone else. Immediately as EPRDF took the power, Kemant (Qemant) people was asked to request their self-administration but by then wider Qemant and the elite in particular rejected this idea and chose to live together with others in Gondar, and was a grand mistake.
However, in those years economic, political and administration discrimination were consciously made upon Qemant. The partial treatment of Qemant was deep rooted similar to that of the Solomonide period. Gradually Qemant were pushed to the margin and remained passive in all political decision making roles. Rather they were made to take the lowest position in which they are unable to take part equally with their Amhara counter parts. Though finger counted individuals were seem to participate in the political circle, their position to play their own part were insignificant and almost none. This is systemic rules of the Amhara rulers designed to belittle Qemant and other non-Amhara members of ANDM/EPRDF.
From the economic and social service perspective, Qemant people were marginalized due to accidental on purpose. For the last almost 20 years, no school, health center and road were constructed and accessed to the Qemant areas. Even the few existing social service institutions such as schools and health center constructed during Durg now gets demolished and become out of use as timely maintenance is not done to them. Currently, on average Qemant people travel about 20 km to get those meager services (health and education). Qemant lives in a mountains and undulated topography. This was done consciously by the past Amhara regime. As the result, Qemant farmers were requesting resettlement to relatively less dense and more fertile areas like Metema, Tach and Mirab Armachiho ten years back. However, the respond given to the people was that “your land is fertile and no need of resettlement for you.” To your wonder, people from Gaynit, Ebinat, Farta, Simada, Qorite, Wollo were transferred and resettled in those fertile lands. And yet Qemant youths were forced to work on those settler land as daily laborers. The worst of all these injustice, the Amhara Regional officials in general and Gondar Administrative head Ato Gizat Abiyu passed a killing rule to Qemant farmer not to move and practice farming be as share cropper, land renter, or laborer by going beyond their locality. And they named those farmer who farm out of their locality “mofer Zemet”. The pretext they put for this was to save the deforestation and unwise utilization of the land in those areas. However, the officials themselves were engaged in land looting and distributed the land to their relatives insatiately. The objectives of this act were to make Qemant poor and migrate to Sudan and beyond.
The most worst thing that made to Qemant in those years was annexing Qemant identity and totally avoided from the list of Ethiopian nationality. As you might know (of course, you know it very well though it does not make any difference to you), during 2007 Housing and Population Census, Qemant were erased totally from the list and were made to be counted as part of Amhara. This time, the people have said “No.” For Qemant, this act was the last and worst temptation and blowing on the head. Of course, this action was really a “blessing in disguise for Qemant.” Qemant people were obliged to reverse this ethnocide act and started requesting its constitutional rights unanimously.
As you (Diaspora Qemant and your masters) often said this was instigated by the hidden motive of Woyane (TPLF) in achieving its objective of invading the fertile land of Gondar by divide Gondar unity. But all this is your false assumption. It is ANDM that rule the Amhara region and made all regional decisions. All these were done by chauvinist Amhara officials.
I won’t go to the details what were done to Qemant for the simple reason that they quest their identity. This time, you served as tool for the chauvinists and even went to the extent of contributing dollar to purchase riffle and bullet to be fired upon the innocent Qemant. Some very extremist and racist Amhara committee and Gondar Hibret members went to the extent that Qemant is an exotic people that came from Egypt and has no right to claim Gondar. They further said if Qemant want to live in Ethiopia, they told Qemant to keep silent and live annexed to Amhara. But if they persisting in saying that they are different from Amhara, we (Amhara) are forced to evacuate them to where they came (Egypt). I sent the full audio (CD) to Beyene what this extremists were saying in a meeting led by ANDM officials to Qemant.
According to the plan you designed (Gondar Hibret), Qemant were grossly killed, evacuated and displaced from their land around Quara, Metema, Lay Armachiho (around Work midr, Mahin, Musebab) last year. Their property were looted, their house were burnt down, their children were kidnapped for a ransom. During last year alone ten Qemant people were kidnapped and being released by paying about 50 thousand birr as ransom per head on average. Rather than condemning this savage act you (Gondar Hibret) boldly said the worst would come yet unless Qemant abandon its constitutional claims. In contrary Gondar Hibret sue Qemant people for serving the “divide and rule” of woyane. The pseudo writers of Gondar Hibret like Andualem Tefera, , Amare Afele and those who serve as spoken mouth like Beyene Asmare and Abebe Nigatu accused Qemant for serving woyane as Banda. But in practice there is no banda like people who betray themselves.
Almost two weeks back, November 24, 2015, innocent Qemant people, women and children were murdered by the Amhara officials order and by the gun you bought to them. Qemant people know very well the decision you passed during your teleconference in America the previous month. You decided to contribute any amount of dollar to be distributed to Amhara officials like Agegnehu Teshager, Gizat Abiyu to encourage them and work strong to reject Qemants quest. With the dollar you sent AgeGnehu Teshager and Gizat Abiyu bought 95 clash cove (and other hand machine) with its similar bullets and distributed to Gondar Hibret member at Aykel (Chilga Woreda) and used to kill innocent people at Chonchok, 20 km north of Aykel Town.
Why you people often put Qemant against Gondar unity while some extreme Amhara (of course member of Gondar Hibret) boldly said in public that Qemant is not Gondarae and even Ethiopian? Didn’t you hear that people motivated by Gondar Hibre came fully armed to Aykele on November 23rd 2015 and made demonstration saying that “Aykel is not belonged to Qemant! They came from Egypt! Did you forget member of Gondar Hibret came to Tikle Dingay (lay Armachiho town) fully armed but for vain? Who were leading this operation? It was Amare Sete vice head of North Gondar Administration.
If you are really unity lover, why you kept silent not condemning this war monger acts? Is it act, too, indicators of unity by your definition? Do you think unity will come in all these savage, chauvinistic attitude? Do you preach a kind of unity that aim perishing others (Qemant) and put one people everywhere? Why you so called Gondar Hibret people noise a cry of crocodile? Why you often accuse Qemant and Woyane behind this while Amhara officials declared war on innocent Qemant? Why don’t you heard saying Amhra government declare war on Qemant? Why Woyane? You know why you often accuse TPLF for the wrong doing of ANDM officials? You are one and same in aiming to committing genocide upon the Qemant people!
Specially, you Qemant individuals (Beyene Asemare Abebe Nigatu and those I didn’t mention your names here), I beg you in the name of Qemant people not to be a tool for the hidden motive of some chauvinists who work day and night tirelessly to make Qemant their slaves by snatching their small lands. Rather please help your people to access education, health and other services like others.

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18 Responses to Betrayers of Kemant People: Beyene Asmare, Abebe Nigatu and Others

  1. Birtukan, you are powerful person for us because you learnt their evils in them considering themselves to be Amhara. I’m from the Kemant people, but I never agree with them and I don’t know why they think all negative sentiment their own Kemant identity. For me, we are one of the best people of the world and hopefully so do they.
    Dear betrayers, we diasporas are still looking for your whole hearted assist your blood. As Bitukan
    Said, the whole Kemant’s infrastructure such as, schools, clinics and other public sectors are inoperative because of lack of maintenance. Remember, this is not the end of the Kemant era, but this is the beginning of the Kemant people new era.

  2. Tasama H says:

    Dear Gonder unity.
    My advice to Gonder unity or for the all Gonder people is to recognise the right of Agaw kemant in gonder in accordance with the Ethiopian constitution. Denying the right of kemant can’t help to live together in respect each other. In the end kemants are gondere they didn’t deny their affiliation to Gonder. Kemant’s request is self rule and identity recognition. .I would like to set Awi zone in Gojam province as an example to make Gonder unity understand the situation. Awi zone people in Gojam believe as they are Gojamis/originally Agaws therefore the self rule of Kemant also doesn’t affect with affiliation of Gonder. Gonder unity particularly those who belongs to Kemant blood you have to stand for your people who claims for justice and equally instead of standing on the other side as a tool to dominate and promote others’ interests in the region in the name of Ethiopian unity. Is there Ethiopia in the reality? if is there, why people organized under an ethnic group? If we deprive Kemants while others are organized an ethnic group, it becomes the matter of justice. That is the main reason, I support Kemant people to achieve their goal. God bless Kemant.

  3. Kumar says:

    It is really very sad to see our people suffering from all these chaos. On the top these, We also see our brothers and sisters blackmailing and accusing each fabricating stories that never exist or will never exist. For those of us who are born from Kemant, it is a big shame to see all these garbage and for others, it is a very big surprise since it is unheard of this kind of story. Do you think any person contribute money to have his or her people killed? Do you really think several times to see what consequences it can bring before you throw these statements ? All we see is differences of ideas which we have to welcome and discuss with civility and respect.Unless you listen ones idea and discuss, how can all these rhetoric bring a good outcome? We live in a civilized world and we have to listen to each other and convince each other. That is all it takes.Everybody thinks the best for the well being of the people. Please stop all these blackmailing. Let us just discuss the advantages and disadvantages the issue and try to come to same boat. That is the only way to bring solutions. Fighting never bring any solutions other than creating more problems and animosities.
    I pray to God to hear some thing good

  4. Ayner says:

    Dear Birtu W,
    Once again, thank you for your efforts to educate these confused Kemant individuals. They are confused in two ways: First, most of them are married to Amhara and they are still hiding their identities. Second, they are not educated at all. I am sorry that this is the fact that Gondar Hibret Kemants are really-really confused!
    Let me tell you that I have lived with them almost for three decades in diaspora and I know they need help. Every time when they start community based work, they destroy more than they fix, and eventually, they end up in American court systems to fix their own community issues. Then how do you expect them to fix Kemant issues? They have more than 100 churches most which are now on fierce fighting. They hate Ethiopian government as it is. They even don’t have a concrete evidence why they don’t like Woyane. The amazing things are that their masters (still the Amhara people including the church leaders) know who they are and they don’t respect them as Amhara. Their leaders know who is Kemant and who is Amhara and these individuals joining Gondar Hibret are not even the decision makers of their own organization.
    Your letter is very details and have many important lessons to learn. However, I assure you that: first, they are not going to read it, and second, even they attempt to read it, they will not understand it. As I mentioned to you, they are good destroying things better that they can fix. Therefore, they will continue being destructive to their own people for long time.

    • Birtu says:

      Dear Ayner,
      Thank you very much.
      I know Beyene Asmare in particular to the extent I know myself. Of course, I know Abebe too, but not very much like I know Beyene. As you have said it very well these guys are not well educated.Formal education alone cannot change people’s natural behaviour, of course. Our farmer and uneducated brothers know much better than Beyene and Abebe.
      You can see from their speech. Abebe was speaking from a paper given to him by his masters. Even with this, he never raised any logic. All he was saying was trash and rubbish.
      Beyene has no any moral to talk about Qemant at all. This guy betrays even his own daughter let alone his Qemantness. How a man that denies his own daughter be expected to proud of his Qemant identity? I was not writing the document to these guys but to their masters to know very well about them. Of course, their master use these guys as a tool. Responding to these little mined people would be considered by them as if they are important. After all I will never respond to them but to their masters.

  5. Ayner says:

    Dear Birtu W,
    This is Ayner. I told you that these Kemants joining Gonder Hibret either they don’t read your post or they don’t understand it. I am sure they saw it but they are not able to communicate on social media sites. This is the kind of politicians we are creating. They are going to lead the nation in the 21st century. hah aha hah aha ! if I were them, I will be quite and drive taxi or sell ‘shiro’ and ‘berbere.’


    • Meakel says:

      Dear Ayner,
      I just read your comments as well as your reply to Birtu W. and to my surprise and several others, your comment was nothing but derogatory and degrading. I don’t know what ethnic group you belonge to, but your perspective on the issue is absolutely counterproductive. If you are really an educated person and lived abroad for dacades as you claim to be, why in the world write such simplistic remarks that would potentially creat more division among us (Kemants}? If you really care about the issue, why not communicate effectively and respectfully? Do you think calling those whom opposed the kimant uprising uneducated and worthless would solve the probelem? Where is the respect to each other? In my oponion, the kemants quest along with your divisive remark and name-calling disgusts me a great deal. BTW, just so you know, I am kemant.

      • ayner says:

        Dear Meakel,

        The division was created when Kemant request was initiated. Some us in diaspora went beyond the limit and contributed money knowing that the money buys weapons and killed our people at home. Then are you telling me that I am creating the division? actually, I was begging these the so-called Gondar Hibret members to stop collecting and sending funds which directly affecting our Kemant families. They refused and continue onto their bloody projects. The damage and the division is already done. many people died and their hands are now washed with blood.

        May be you are correct that I should forgive them but I am sure the victim’s family members will not forgive them. Some of the names are mentioned on here not necessary by me but they themselves flag their identities on social media and national radio talk shows. Therefore, for me to be rough and your criticism about me being counterproductive adds no value.


  6. Ayner says:

    Let’s make No Additional Mistakes
    By Ayner
    Dear my readers (Kemants or non-Kemants), please make no additional mistakes that Kemant movement is not for secession nor retaliations. It’s for self-rules, identity restoration, and social & economic developments. I born and raised in the typical Kemant family and I know the situation very well although now I am living in diaspora. My letter is specifically to these diaspora Kemants who misunderstood the entire Kemant Movement and you gave it the name as secession, retaliation, or “Woyane” initiations all of which are misleading the topic and it’s not true and it’s not helping our true suffering brothers and sisters at home.
    Kemant request is not asking for secession! I really-really sick and tired of hearing that. If you are thinking with your right mind, how in the world Kemant becomes the 55th nation in Africa? Let’s make no mistake and move on with the next issues.
    Kemanta are not against Amhara for any reasons. The only issue that Kemants kept asking is that our identity is stolen and we are erased from the identity list which is a very gross human right violation ever existed on earth. It also is a very legitimate request that Kemants are trying to benefit from the Ethiopian Nation Nationalities law which is stated under Article 39 of the current constitution.
    Kemants request is not initiated by Woyane nor by any form of government body. Kemants themselves started their struggle. The struggle lasted for the past nine years which was rejected several times both at the local and the federal government offices. Therefore, if your argument is against Article 39, then say so. The realities is that if there was no article 39, then there would probably no Kemant identity requests. Otherwise, I don’t know why you think the federal government initiated Kemant request and itself rejected several times until just recently?
    Now the real question. Why many Amhara leaders still rejecting Kemants request? I try to answer my own question as much as I can but I would like you to tell me more. One of the major root-Couse is that Kemants were not stand on our two feet from the beginning. Some of us sold our identity to Amhara, we hide our identity and even we were not proud to talk about Kemant publicly. Now we start to recover the territories we given up to them for free and they are refused to back off. Tell me if I am telling a lie. I am sure we Kemants still making the same mistakes. There is no penalty for being Kemants. Please don’t hide your identity so if you need it back later on, then it will cost you bitter fight which is happening now. I am sorry for these young Kemants who try to clean the misses we contribute creating it. Please make no additional mistakes. No matter what Kemants are asking the right question and finally, they will be the winners.


    • Meakel says:

      Dear Ayner,
      I totally understand your point, and yet I am a bit skeptical wether or not I have indeed gotten my message across. The fact of the matter is that we (kimants) ought to be wiser and understanding in order to tackle this unprecedented situation.
      First, we need to recognize that there’s going to be different oponions and perspectives among us and it needs to be addressed in a civilized and respectful manner NOT by name-calling nor completely digrading comments.

      You mentioned that the division was createt when the kemant request was intiated, and I may agree with you on that, but the point is this… do we need to make all the necessary efforts to come togather as one or feul the situation to extreme?? That is why I was very critical of your camment. Mind you, as you and I know the situation is grave and our innocent Fathers, brothers, and sisters are paying the ultimate price because we fail to come togather and educate each other about what is really at stake.
      I know people are pledging money from both side and for me, It’s absolutely hard to comprehend. How could people living a comfortable life abroad possibly insite/creat such a level of chaos among brothers??!! It’s despicable, immoral and embarrassing.

      Regrettably I must say that our beloved country is in the brink of unprecedented danger, and may God give us all the wisdom and clear mind so that we would have a possitive manner for us, for our brothers and for our country as a whole.

      • ayner says:

        Dear Meakel,

        I understand your points and I agree with you. To answer your questions; yes we shall establish respect and we should engaged into the issues with collaborative efforts. I apologize for being rough on here. unfortunately, if you have read the base post of this blog from Birtu W, it was a vey heated conversation already. I am not blamed her and I am very sorry for many young Kemants at home because they are impacted heavily by the situations. At this time, the situation is transforming from issues into problems and we have missed all of the proactive solutions. Now we are left with reactive solutions which is clearly a fire fighting work. Fire fighting is hard, risky, and expensive. Therefore, we need either to engaged very carefully or to stay back and pray. I have accepted your suggestions and perhaps I have insisted that we should make no additional mistakes.


    • Meakel says:

      Dear Ayner,
      First of all, I would like to thank you for being an open minded. This is exactly what’s missing between us (kemants) as well as Ethiopians as a whole. Being open for criticism does not mean a defeat nor a setback, instead it allows us to engage in a manner that is more positive and constructive. As you clearly described it, the fire is already ignited and the real, and difficult question becomes, how do we put out this fire? What is expected of us?
      …..And believe me, it isn’t an easy question to answer at this stage of the crisis. I was in contact with family members back home as of yesterday and the situation is getting extremely worrisome. There was a clash between “Negade-baher kemants and Chaqo Amhara” which resulted in several deaths on both sides, and there were the same clashes in several other areas. For instance, School was closed in “Tikel-Dengeya” for several weeks and there was a fire fight between “Adagnager Amhara and chachkuna kemant”. And again, the same thing in Aykel.
      Ayner, think about it, think twice! What is the root cause of this chaos? The self-rule demand by kemant? If so, what are the strategies and the ultimate objectives?? And isn’t the demand supposed to be directed to the ruling government? Why is this self-rule struggle taking a different aim which created division within kemants and resulted in a fire fight with those whom so-call amhara which by the way, for the most part, are integrated with kemant through marriage, culture and religion.
      Given the current situation do you know exactly where this is going and what is going to be accomplished and how?

      To me, the bottom line is this; even though finding solutions to this unprecedented problem seems an uphill battle, there are one of two things we should do. Either work (do our part) tirelessly to come together to solve the problem or quit being part of the problem by injecting divisive and negative rhetoric.
      Just so you know I am on the side line. But you seem to be a man of character and understanding with lots of life experience and I am positive that you would be such influential figure to make an impact. BTW, don’t let emotions get in your way.
      Once again, I thank you for sharing your thought with me.

    • Alex says:

      This is sad. I am Kemant from Azezo. I have never seen anyone who is from Gonder Amharas against Kemant people. We know it is all a TPLF works. Some Kemant activities should calm down, it is not going to help anyone. Kemant people live everywhere in Gonder region in peace and love, we never had a problem from Amharas except some illiterates problem. You said infrastructure, school etc. This is all is a desire for all Amharas in the region but it is TPLF that doesn’t want to have a strength Amhara. Second as Kemant mixed with Amharas, it is rarely you find a dominant Kemant Kebeles. We want peace, love, development. What every development takes place in rule Gonder it is going to help all people in that region. This is simple. Second for example if you go to Gondar Hospital you can find many Kemant working,no one is against them. All Kemants feel like brother Amhara. I don’t like someone from Kemant or anyone who come and divide us. I will be against this madness. I would like to see recognition etc. But I don’t like division. Gojjam Agaw live in peace with their Amharas. Even with the current protest, they were the one who stood together. If you go to Awi zone, Wagmra zone, equal people of Amharas and Agew live in peace and rather it is TPLF who doesn’t them to grow, everywhere in Amhara region, Please stop this nonsense and madness and live in your America we don’t need you.we need peace.

  7. Dear Birtuk W and others,
    Let me begin about these few rootless members of Gondar Hibret Kemant diasporas in N America. As you mentioned above, these uneducated Gondar Hibret spoken persons, some day they are Kemant and the other day they are Amhara. This is a complete ignorance. The white people say, a little learning is a dangerous thing. It is true that these ignorant Kemant diasporas are the Baden, Ginbot 7, ESAT, and Gondar Hibret clappers since they sold their identity. They have been told several times make no mistakes, but they are still doing it. In reality Kemant is Kemant and Amhara is Amhara. Unless they respect their people and identity, these identity parasites should be nothing for the Kemant people and we don’t want to waste our precious time for these few
    amoralism and self-disqualified individuals.

    • Meakel says:

      I must say that your comment/overall perspective about such perilous situation we are facing IS profoundly disappointing! For you and your superior “Birtu W” to suggest that the uneducated individuals are disqualified to even voice their opinions and differences is simply lunatic. Believe me, your point of view on the issue shows your level of education. So, based on your criteria, you are unequivocally disqualified!!

  8. Kumar says:

    My God!
    If you live in America and see democrats and republicans debating on the issue every day, then work together for their country together, you should learn something. Where else can you go to learn discussing differences with respect? You all sound educated when you make “good” sentence.Those of you who attack individuals instead of their ideas are the most ignorant and dangerous people who do not believe in any discussion. I am not part of hibret and I am Kemant. But, i think Beyene and Abebe are the most intelligent and courageous people who publicly spoke their differences. although I have differences, I respect their ideas.

    Please learn something and respect differences

  9. Ayner says:

    Dear Kumar,
    I am sure we know how to discuss with respect. However, when someone crossed the line and start creating damages, then the respect eventually start diminishing. The originator of this blog talks about a some Kemants (Gondar Hibret) participated in activities which created violence and loss of lives. I don’t know about the activity in detail but the writer mentioned that their fund is used to purchase weapons and ammunitions. All I know is that these individuals suggested that Kemants should remain quit when they are erased from the national senses. They also suggested that Kemant language is almost extinct and it’s not necessary to recover it. This upsets many Kemants and so do I.
    I hope they learn how to respect their families before we respect them.

  10. Dear Kumar,
    Thank you for your response. I understand your concern. Fist of all, you mentioned specificly two names in your response. If it’s the one step above your response, I regret that I didn’t mention specificly anyone’s name under my comment. It’s a generized unti- Kemant diasporas comment why they have negative sentiments against their own people self-rule.That’s my total comment for those who are not support the Kemant legal rights.
    Dear Kumar, you also mentioned how to learn about democrats and republicans debates here in United States of America.Kumar, I have been here in the U.S. About 30 years. I guarantee you I know American politics very well, but you’re comparing a mouse and an elephant.i wish we all are like….., however, may be you know it or not, some anti-kemant diasporas joined our meeting the last three weeks, but let alone discuss with us, fist of all, the don’t want introduce their name, they don’t want say why they joined the meeting and they don’t want to discuss any thing at all. Kumar, let me ask you one question, do you go and seat someone’s house without permission? These guys came our meeting and wasting their time and our time for nothing.
    Dear Kumar, let me turn you to the main productive point. If you are really Kemant, Kemant’s self-rule demand should be every one of the Kemant’s demand. Let me be clear once again, it’s always obvious that the Kemant people self-rule demand is important for all the Kemant people. It’s a pride for all of us. Because the Kemant people believes to begin with insure that their rights and dignity of belongings as equal citizens. Kumar, Amhara and Kemant ethnic groups are important working side by side for our state, Gondar and needs respect one another which imeans there is no Amhara without Kemant or Kemant without Amhara. Do you agree or disagree??? So Kumar, what I want tell you is, it is not a matter of ignorance here, it a matter of understanding, each other. To be honest, few Kemant diasporas are way way away from their origin of family(people).
    Kumar, I know you know,the common domain for thise epidemic disease is human ignorance, self- ignorance that everyone must realize, understand the SOURCE of the ROOT CAUSE and overcome by understanding, discussing positively, but not by fighting and killing innocent people.
    To conclude my response to you and some anti-Kemant brothers, here is my questions every human being or every creature on earth, is a gift of God/ Natur. We people are stil worrying for nonsense issues I.e. racism or ethnic differences. If more ethnic difference is amongst the people, so what can we do!!! Can’t we accept this that the difference is from nature?
    Any way Kumar, YW, any time!

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