Fighting Takes Place in Kemant, Muwra, Gondar, Ethiopia

According to reliable sources want to remain in anonymity from Gondar City and Bahir Dar, fighting took place at Muwra, Lay Armachiho, 40 km, the west of Gondar City, November 4 through 10, 2015. Fighting erupted after regional security forces murdered 24 children and elders at Muwra village and surroundings. The same sources reported that in 3-days confrontation, 90 regional army troops lost their life, other 24 army members surrendered to the farmers and remaining soldiers flew to Gondar City. According to the same sources, the troops had been recruited from South Gondar, South Wollo and North Shewa. The area is now under the federal government control. The federal government monitoring the area had opened called “Peace Conference” on November 17, which expected to last for 3-days.
As reported in the previous wlka news, Kemant activists coordinated constitutional demand for self-rule had been confined in harsh detention centers throughout the region and some of them were murdered. In 2014, more than 60-activists held in two detention centers. Since May, 26, 2015, more than 30-activists have been confined in Chilga Detention center, 8-activits had been killed, dozens of people sustained severe injury on gunshot by a security force, eventually disabled or died , 400 people displaced and about 500 people under hiding or forced to be fugitive. Just before the May election, members or supporters of Agaw Democratic party mistreated for their political affiliation: 50-people were detained for weeks, two farmers’ houses were demolished among them were 27 young people who vigorously worked hard for the party’s election.

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7 Responses to Fighting Takes Place in Kemant, Muwra, Gondar, Ethiopia

  1. This is the same to the prejudice that the colonizer used to dehumanize, to make difference…..such a racist attitudes are abhorred and condemned in God.

  2. Gondar Unity says:

    This is a disturbing news. Glad that the federal government is inclined to take charge of the situation.

  3. GondarUnity says:

    This is very disturbing news. How can things get out of control like this?

    • Birtu says:

      It is you so called Gondar unity behind this incidence. Kemant being Mascaraed by the fire gun you bought and distributed to your wing in Gondar. Do not forget what you have decided and passed during your teleconference. As planned by the dollar you sent to Agegnehu Teshager and Gizat Abiyu 95 hand rifles with its bullet bought and distributed to your junta at Aykel to kill Kemant. As planned they killed innocent people at Chonchok and Lay Armachiho.
      May you happy for your deed!

  4. Tasama says:

    Agaw unity for Justice,equality Needed:
    Means due justice needed.Intervening the federal governement in north Gonder crisis to restore peace in the area is welcome.The federal government has responsibility to protect the constitution and innocent citizens in north Gonder who are being targeted by ANDM. The Regional government has failed to resolve the situation according to the Ethiopian constitution. Too many people were killed and dismissed from their job in order to keep them silent from claiming their constitutional right which is granted by the Ethiopian constitution.
    Good luck brave kemant.

  5. Fire Beaks Gondar Prison says:

    Fire Breaks at Gondar Prison
    On December 1, 2015, fire broke at Gondar zonal Prison and 300-400 inmates reportedly escaped. It is widely believed that the fire was orchestrated by the regional ruling party, ANDM to kill Kemant activists already in same prison. The same party had organized ant-Kemant demonstration just in the past month.

    from: Woldu K

  6. Getnet says:

    Ena yegondar hibret tser hizb bekimant hizb lay dem mititetu
    betelay abebe nigatu betesebochih degafi bayhonu enesun neber minardachew! Lenate gin atmetum enji gondar bitmetu be bila neber kelay wedetach mikeflachu! Yekimant hizb!

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