Ethiopia Government Executes 5-Kemants, Released 4-Kemants and Keeps Others in Detention Center

According to a source from Aykel, wants to remain in anonymity. In the past weekend, the Ethiopia Government security force led by Dessie Asemie, Regional Militia Commander executed five Kemant activists involved in self-rule demand on a basis of Constitution of Ethiopia. The report cannot be independently verified due to access restriction. Execution is reportedly took place in remote area called Geingie, the west of Aykel town, North Gondar. In the early June 2015, more than 10-Kemants were killed by the security forces, some of them murdered while in their houses. Eight others whom were seriously injured deprived medical treatment by the regional officials and eventually died. One of the victims was in hiding before his execution. He was handed over to the region government security by the Ethiopia opposition force fighting the EPRDF. They are the same opposition forces collecting money from Kemant Diaspora to fight the EPRDF forces. The enmity of the Ethiopia opposition force to Kemants can be witnessed from ESAT’s and VOA’s Amharic Service news coverage, one is biased and the other entirely ignored respectively.
On the other hand, 4-Kemants have been released after 3-months of detention without due trail. Other remained in the detention center. In Chilga County alone there are 21-Kemants in detention since the May 2015 election.

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4 Responses to Ethiopia Government Executes 5-Kemants, Released 4-Kemants and Keeps Others in Detention Center

  1. Getachew K. says:

    From the ANDM’s point of view we killed and detained bundle of woods not humans. That what our Amhara (Christian) historians told us and we uphold their tradition. Unless shut your moth about self-rule, we will continue doing so. Do not rely on the constitution, it is political statement and we do not respect it. House of Federation is nothing collections of GALAS and BARES and EXTREMISTS under Tigre’s order and as ANDM we do not observe their decision.

  2. Kassaye Bitew says:

    I have understood that there are a number of visitors of wlka from Kenya. If these visitors are committed to human dignity and fundamental liberty, they could approach Kenyan Nation News paper, which is well known. The paper to to make its own investigation and publish about genocide against the Kemant people. International organization, like Human Rights Watch Afraica is located in Nairobi, Kenya and they can approach the organization to give due attention and investigate genocide on Kemants. I appeal to the visitors from Kenya to do the same. Thank you.

  3. dagne says:

    know today there is no peace from aykel town.please give attention and solve the problem ,if that concern.b/c we like our liverity and freedom.

  4. Kumar says:

    Please refrain from blaming Kemant people from the Diaspora that you said have affiliation with opposition groups to attack Kemant. There is no any stupid person who joins any group to attack his own ethnic group. Please do not guess that do not exist.

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