A Lawyer Wants to Take Kemant Genocide to International Court

Wlka has received reliable information a lawyer from New York wants to take the international court genocide against Kemants in North Gondar and its environs. The lawyer reportedly said that he found information crime against Kemants from East Africa Human Rights Defenders Project publication and wlka. However, he believes that the evidence he has so far in his hand is not complete to initiate a legal charge. He requires detail information including:
1. Number of causality
2. Identities (names) of victims: deaths, injuries, detentions and displacements.
3. The date the crime was committed.
4. The place the crime was committed.
The same source quoted him, there are more than 1,000 Kemant community members in the US. “They are disorganized and low in confidence”. If these Kemant community members were committed to security of their people, they could contribute some fund and hire any international lawyer group and take to the international court. He said, Kemants has a good reason to initiate the international attention since Ethiopian Government failed to bring suspects to justice. He also described once identities of suspects are disclosed, they and their relatives are prohibited to immigrate or travel to the US. Even if they enter into the US by some reasons, they can be charged in accordance the US law for the genocide they have been suspected.
Wlka cannot release the identity of lawyer because the source who sent this information insisted that the lawyer’s name to be remained in anonymity.

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4 Responses to A Lawyer Wants to Take Kemant Genocide to International Court

  1. Gondar Unity says:

    Another OLF or Shabia agent trying to check Kemants. The fact that you refuse to disclose the name of this lawyer shows your lack of confidence. The Kemants living in the West have problem of organizing or lack of confidence. Maybe you would like to go somewhere to foul someone else.

  2. Tassama says:

    Gonder unity.
    You should accept unity with diversity instead of smearing people’s name. Kemant’s are victimized by unfair treatemnt for a long time and now they are claiming for equality and justice. Organisation like Gonder geographical unity is always complains against Kimant’s struggle for self rule and recognition as distinct nation. The purpose for establishing of Gonder unity is to fight against kimant’s demand for self rule and recognition. Gonder unity is doesn’t believe by diversity and people’s equality but your attitude is outdated and perceive old fashion politics. I also would like to tell you that what would happen in the future in the Amahra region different nation’s live under control one nation.

    • Gondarunity says:

      I don’t oppose diversity. I oppose fictionalizing the history of kimants. For that matter kimants can speak for themselves, including myself.

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