Amara Regional Council Cadres Violet Constitution on Kemant Issue

Amhara Regional Council senior cadres made a decision yesterday against the decision of House Federation of Ethiopia, which authorized all Kemant areas to be incorporated into planned Kemants Self-rule. The House of Federation passed this resolution on June 24, 2015, overriding the regional council bill issued on March 13, 2015.
But, in response, yesterday, Amhara Regional Council cadres passed the decision for the second time just to limit Kemants self-rule only in two woredas (counties) in contrary to the resolution of the House Federation. Regional senior cadres say, “constitution is not Gospel” it is political agreement and conditional to situations.

It was interesting many of council members from South Wollo, North Shewa, East Gojjam and other areas are against the cadres’ unconstitutional moves. The speakers expressed boldly their position; they said they did not trust the regional cadres because they misled the council members more than twice. In effect, the speakers are in favor of the House decision. The names of the speakers against the cadres move will be published as soon as available.

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4 Responses to Amara Regional Council Cadres Violet Constitution on Kemant Issue

  1. truth says:

    Great decision!! That is it!!

  2. ANDM of Gondar says:

    You guys, you are bunch of fools. AS we did in Chilga, we can keep in detention or kill Kemants indiscriminately, what you can do. Since Kemants are specious of woods, killing them will not be considered as human rights violations and no organization will report about them. Either Neither Oromos nor WOYANE will save their life, unless they should keep quite talking about self-rule out of two woredas. Oromo and WOYANE are not our immediate targets,we have to wait till right time comes.

    • Mizigina says:

      We know your arrogance thought for more that a century. There is nothing new. Rather you re telling us your stupidity

  3. Tesama, AU says:

    ANDAM, the Amhara Regional government position is clear against Agaw people in Ethiopia. The above statement must be considered as the regional official statement of the Amhara government which is threats the existence of the Agaw kemants indiscriminately.We all people should unite to face any domination comes from any where against us..All us should support them to restore their constitutional rights to rule themselves and to live in respect like other fellow Ethiopians. Denying people’s right and humanity is old fashioned aristocratic behavior. It does’t take ANDAM arrogant cadres any where, you should learn from your predecussors previous mistake.

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