Breaking News: More Than Ten Kemants Shot to Death

The information forwarded to wlka states that more than 10 Kemants shot to death in Chilga District, North Gondar. Information had been sent this afternoon, it has not yet displayed the identity of individuals and other details. Some unconfirmed source claimed more than 100 people critically injured. wlka has no resource to send its informant to the scene area. It is impossible to communicate in the area. If you know details, you can send information directly to wlka including their names. Do not send your information to any person, wlka will not receive it.

Update: On Kemant People Death and Injury (June 15)

A source from Gondar City Police Department, who wants to remain in anonymity has provided the following updates:
• The death of 7 people confirmed.
• Other 8 people in critical conditions and admitted to Gondar Hospital, but not treated due to order from officials, expected to die.
There is conflicting report regard to the following individuals:
• Mr. Kassie Godo, AgDP party’s activist
• Mr. Fentahun, another AgDP activist and candidate for the past May 2015 election.
• Mr. Kassie Abera, a Kemant Committee member
• Two elders from the Aykel town
Some people claimed Mr. Kassie Godo was abducted on June 12, just before midnight, and his whereabouts is not known. Others say five of persons under police search for their attempt to organize demonstration.

Update on June 17:
In related news, Blue Party’s last month candidate, Mr. Samuel Awoke died in Debre Markos, on June 15, 2015, after attacked by unknown persons. An opposition said, murder is politically motivated, the government described private related.

The replica of this report has appeared also on American Embassy Facebook Addis Ababa, under Wlka Bt. First you can find Wlka Bt Facebook and then direct to the embassy facebook.

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3 Responses to Breaking News: More Than Ten Kemants Shot to Death

  1. Adnaw says:

    All supporters of Agaw people, please make quick move to save the life: If you living in Washington Dc, please go in group directly to VOA Africa English Services, Aljazeera, etc and State Department, if you are living in New York, please go to Human Rights Watch in group, if you are living in Atlanta and other cities, please go to the local media and report ongoing genocide in Ethiopia, North Gondar.

  2. Ibrahim A says:

    I cannot blame wlka for not unable to travel to the disaster area. We haven’t give necessary resource. Kemants those live in Diaspora are not better than died body. Death with dignity is honor for any person free of mental slavery.

  3. Tasmaw H says:

    The crime committed against kemant agaw makes all of Agaw people to stand together against forceful Amharisation process, in amhara region. First of all we are not amhara to be represented by amhra national movement. WE need our freedom to be represented by Agaw political organisation. All agaw people in awi zone should go to sreet to reject forceful amharization which is ongoing in gonder reigion Against Agaw Kemants. My advice to amhar officials in amhar regional state is, you should recognise agaw’s right to be what they want to be or self determination for agaw people in general you can not impose on us the identy of fake by using excessive force. Free agaw from domination from aristocratic amhara. we will continue our struggle until we get our freedom.

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