AgDP Candidate Insists on May 2015 Election Boycott or Self-Determination

Mr. Birhanu Kasa is Agaw Democratic Party Central Committee from Banja District. He is an influential figure in the party. He was highly expected to win in his constituency against the ruling party. In the beginning of April he issued detail report on the ruling party’s persecution against May 2015 election candidates in his district. Mr. Birhanu concluded that it is impossible to conduct fair and democratic election in Awi Zone and proposed two alternative options:
1. The party submit urgent request to House of Federation on self-determination the Agaw people.
2. Otherwise election boycott.
According a reliable source, in this brain storming session, a majority of the committee members agree objectivity of the report, disagree with proposals. These who declined to accept Birhanu’s ideas believe:
1. The issue of self-determination has no legal ground in the middle of the election.
2. The party will benefit by staying in the election; it will gain important lessons for the future.
However, Mr. Birhanu is still sticking with his view and busy to sell his ideas for other candidates. His latest object is the party to withdraw from the election process because of continuous repression in the zone and the situation seems critical for the party.

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2 Responses to AgDP Candidate Insists on May 2015 Election Boycott or Self-Determination

  1. Birtu says:

    withdrawing from the election will give a room for EPRD to politicize against AgDP party, rather it should continue with it and show to the people all the mischief committed by the ruling one. It is well expected that this will happen. There is nothing new to Agedepa what is happened to other parties.

  2. truth take says:

    I am one of a member. I tried to check every thing. But the report is schatchy and hardly reliable.

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