Ethiopian Government Gives Kemant People Ultimatum for Massacre

Ethiopian Government declared war against Kemant people in the past week and seized by an arm force, in Metema District, Shinfa River Basin, sub-districts of:
1. Lenche Kebele
2. Jejebit Kebele
3. Gubay Kebele
About 15,000 Kemants live in the declared area. On the 25th of March 2015, two weeks of ultimatum was given by the government official namely, Amare Setie; the Kemants to evacuate the area or face massacre by the arm force. Mr. Setie declared Kemants are Egyptian origins and they should leave the land. He added the government needs the land for development, but not Kemants.
The residents contacted by a wlka informant in the area refused to leave their land rather preferred to die at their habitation. A foreign NGO agent in the area who sent note to wlka wanted to remain in anonymity expressed his grave concern in the situation. The agent fears Rawanda style genocide in the region and suggests the Kemants to notify to the international community, like UN Security Council immediately. A person who named himself Adal noticed that government wants to remove these people from their land for their quest for self-rule in accordance with the Ethiopian Constitution in effect.

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5 Responses to Ethiopian Government Gives Kemant People Ultimatum for Massacre

  1. Kamazana says:

    What is the Federal government saying about this? The local administration, ie the Amhara Region administrators are the ones who are trying to evict Kemants off their land according to the above report. But do they have the authority to command an army to attack. If that is so, this action maybe solely that of the Regional Administration and not necessarily that of the Federal Government. If it is assumed that the Regional administration does not make such a move without informing the Federal Government, then we can conclude that the Federal Government is fully aware of what is happening, and we can conclude that it has given orders or justified what the Regional Administration is doing or attempts to do. This is where caution is needed. The demand for self rule should have been studied and conducted in such a manner that it is done with the general awareness of the Kemant youth, elderly women and men, workers, intellectuals etc about the issue. The importance of self rule should first be understood and agreed upon by the wider constituency of the Kemant people and that of the Agews. If done in a rush and emotionally there is a chance that the genuine issue of self rule could be manipulated by any stronger force. This is inescapable. Let us pray that this does not happen to the innocent Kemants and the Agews in general’

  2. Dear Kamazana:
    What does it mean when you say “self-rule followed by discussion and consensus reached with all kemant stakeholders”? As far as my knowledge is concerned, except very few kemants almost all kemant stakeholders are supporters of self-rule. After all, what is the problem of self-rule? Is there any single interest of others that is going to be affected by the mere fact that kemant begins its self-administration autonomy? Nothing!

    Concerning Government’s unwise action against the very interest of kemants in Metema area we can say that it is a sign of failure in settling the raised constitutional quest for identity and self-rule in democratic and civilized manner! The action of the government to unreasonably evict kemants from their homelands in Metema district by this time is totally criticized for at least the following questions and answers thereof:
    1) Has so called Dam Project allegedly to be constructed in the area really public interest at all? Who is responsible to construct such Dam?
    2) There is no actual plan action to be publicly discussed with all stakeholders! All Kemants and other ethnic groups are expected to be consulted as to the importance of the project???
    3) No notional or international law legitimizes the eviction of people from their homelands.
    It wise to take such kind of provocative action while all forces are alert to determine the fate of the 5th National Election? I think this is again a cause for the failure of the Federal Government in general and the ANRS in particular!

  3. tessema H C says:

    Talking is enough and we have to organize ourselves to protect our people’s right and benefits. The necessity of creating organization in Diaspora is useful to present the issue to the international media and community. without creating organisation in diaspora we can do nothing about human right abuse which is continuously taking place in kemant provinces against kemant agews by ANDAM cadre in Amhara region. All Agew should join the struggle to protect the all agew peoples’ rights and benefits.

  4. getplus125 says:

    The Ethiopian government doesn’t do any bad things to Kemant people. The Ethiopian ethnic groups welcomes the respected Kemant people.This people didn’t do anything bad to Ethiopian people. This is Neftegna Amharas and all unsuccessful Ethiopian opposition groups propaganda. I want all homeless opposition leaders to stop “Gura” introducing yourself anywhere where people gathered saying that like I’m professor, Doctor, engineer, lower. …….because we didn’t see the title doing anything. Today anyone can be a Doctor or engineer. Please delate your old app from your mind and download the latest version EPRDF so you can be born again and start thinking like a human being.

  5. Kamazana says:

    Dear Jember,

    When I say the issue of self rule should have been studied thoroughly I meant to say that all ramifications of the issue should have been addressed from the outset. Now you bring up the issue of Metema and the building of the dam. The issue of the dam is a national issue and not a regional or local issue to my understanding. However, I think your point is well taken that the Federal government should consult all stakeholders including the local people before undertaking the project. I am not sure if it did or not. However, the dam issue has become even international that Sudan and Egypt are involved. In view of the Kemant quest of self rule, it would be un-tactical to criticize the government for its plan to build the dam, now that it has progressed to the degree that it involved other nations. If the federal government has attempted to evict Kemants from Metema, this should be opposed appropriately ie if the government singles out KemantS. But if it applies to all other ethnic people, then it makes life a bit complicated for on the one hand there is a quest for self rule and on the other hand there is a quest of challenging the construction of the dam without due consultation of the Kemants. This is too cumbersome for a budding ethnic organization to handle in its infancy. Then there is the issue of support for the issue of self rule for Kemants. I have noticed that the support from the Diaspora is a divided one. They have raised several questions though I am not sure what. I believe this website and if there are other media will help educate the Diaspora Kemants and Agews about the relevance of the issue. The problem right now is once the issue has become public, if it is not handled properly and if the organization is not alert to address questions and emerging issues, the genuine issue of self rule will face tremendous difficulty. First of all there is a systematic ganging up by the Diaspora supporters of the Amhara component of the Gondar region to bombard the Kemant-Agaw with chains of propaganda campaigns. This group is providing intellectual support to the present regional administration in order to crush the movement. That is probably why what is written on their propaganda pages are reflected on the ground accusing Kemants of claiming they are Egyptians. Remember their forefathers also did the same thing by labeling Kemants for not being from the human stock but from wood. The same fabrications will continue unless there is a concerted effort to address these issues in a civilized manner. Our Amhara brothers and sisters should be educated about us and we should help them. My plea is for us to learn about our selves, know our history, assess the current national and international situation and proceed with caution and always with love.

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