Regional Council Discloses Authorization of One fifth of Kemant Area for Self-Rule

March 13, 2015 Amara Regional Council at Its Regular meeting disclosed authorization of Kemants’s self-rule in one fifth of the contested terrirotry. Two counties, Chilga and Layarmachiho are subject to the decion among nine counties that quested for self-rule, including Metema, Wogera, Gondar Zuria, Quara and Dempya. Close observers say the concil’s decion has little impact on the Kemant’s struggle. Kemants immediately asked question, what about other Kemant areas located ajacently. The decision is seen as a tactic to divide and weaken Kemants. Even Mr. Ayalew Abate, the council’s speaker admitted prior to the official decion Kemant’s likely rejection. Mr. Ayalew speaking his senior cadres before session said, “we know that Kemants will not accept the arrangement, but we have opened a new game for dispute”.
It can be recalled that in July 2013, the same counil denied the existence of Kemant people in Gondar, but now it accepted the existence, but with the short of full self-administration.

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One Response to Regional Council Discloses Authorization of One fifth of Kemant Area for Self-Rule

  1. Kamazana says:

    This is interesting news. But the quest for self rule should not stop here. Tactically speaking it is good to take whatever is won and continue the struggle to win the others. It is still a matter of raising the consciousness of the Kemants and Agaws in general about their quest and their history. So far it is really going smoothly. Every step should be done with love and prayer. That is what makes us different. We are essentially spiritual people and should never forget that for any earthly gains. We should do our struggle with love of those who hate us and fail to understand our views. Even if they come with guns and threats. There is no power beyond the good God that can win over loving kindness. They will tell us that love is the affair of the weak. That is not true at all. Love is the shield of the winner. We have to remember that our Maker is spirit and He is LOVE and nothing else. If we are make in His IMAGE, then we should be loving no matter what. We should not forget the weaker force called satan and his demons. They are never equal or near in comparison to our Maker. The threats and bullying of any enemy may seem devastating, but in the face of love they melt. God fights for us. Eventually it is really God who resolves all trials and tribulations. We just have to be willing collaborators and remain in faith in obedience to God’s commandments.
    With Love

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