Newly Created Amara Nationality Union (ANU) Terrorizes Kemant Civilians to Drop Their Constitutional Rights, Planned Self-Government in Ethiopia

Since December 12, 2014, more than 65 civil servants, traders and farmers displaced from Quara District, the locality of Selferdi. Their belongingness has been taken away by the proprietors. Among displaced people, 30 of them are civil servants and private investors and other 35 are farmers in the locality. An organization that has been openly campaigning against Kemants is called Amara Nationality Union (ANU). It is believed to be created in past November and advocates openly for violence. It declares no democracy for Kemants, they are partly descended from woods and Canaan-Egyptians who oppose the construction of Great Dam; they are supporters of Ginbot-7 and do not deserve self-rule. Three weeks ago, it held public meeting at Tach Armachiho District and passed two important resolutions, which reads, Tigren betiyit, Kemantin bewuyit (fight Tigreans in arms and compromise with Kemants). One week later it; however, revised its resolution and passed decision to confront with arms both groups, Tigreans and Kemants. Since the beginning of December, the group carried out two fights with Tigrean residents “settlers” a place called Sereka, which reportedly resulted in the loss of three persons.
Members of ANU includes Regional Security Chief, Dessie Asemie who has been giving legal coverage and logistics to the same. Wlka has received a list of 33-active members of ANU including their role and conspiracy audio. Any one interested to have the list can submit its request to wlka with service disbursement. A person who claims himself Chairman of ANU is Shibabew Zegeye. All pamphlets and posts bear his name seal. Two weeks ago he told his followers at the locality of Selferdi, “Kemants, Falashas and Oromos are fearful of Amara and we can stop Kemants by creating panic.” One observer said, as usual VOA and ESAT failed to report to the international community the crime committed against Kemants and no measures taken by the federal government to stop the illegal act.
Some observers blamed Kemant Coordinating Committee for its ill instruction. It has instructed Kemants not take any actions till they die other than following the rule of law. Quarans adhered to the instruction and paid the heavy price. Metemans preferred to self-defense without violating the law of the land. Click for a list of the victims for the PDF file below.


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4 Responses to Newly Created Amara Nationality Union (ANU) Terrorizes Kemant Civilians to Drop Their Constitutional Rights, Planned Self-Government in Ethiopia

  1. Dabebaw: UN says:

    Kemants are determined to die for dignity, ANDM sponsor terror will not back down them. Observers are talking about imminent genocide in the region. If Kemants have concerned supporters outside Ethiopia, it is time to notify UN Security Council, before seeing the second Rawnda.


  2. Hailu says:

    The action happened in Quara against Kemant community is not less than genocide happening in Iraq and Siria. This is not solution for the claim which is lodged by Ageaw kemant community in Ethiopia. The action taken against Agaw kemant community is very dangerous because and concern to all nationalities in Ethiopia and in particular tribes in the region. This war against Ethiopian nations and nationalities beyond Kemants. The aim of ANDM is to make Ethiopian nationalities silence and classic chauvinistic show what will happen if Amara elite comes to power.
    It is also requires all Agaw people and supporters to stand together and to form committee in exile to follow the situation and to take action against the illegal action happening to the Kemant community in the Amahara Region.

  3. getplus125 says:

    Amhara is the name of armed gangs who never follow the low of the land. This terrorist organization started committing all kinds of crime since the orthodox religion had introduced to the land of Ethiopia. All Ethiopian History written by Neftegna Amharas are completely Wrong. They are not decedent’s of queen sheba and king Solomon. No blood relationship with israeliets at all. Neftegna Amharas dream from the beginning was to be israelites not black African. This stupid people rejected their Black color and African identity. 99.9% people who consider themselves AMHARA are serving DEVIL no GOD. That’s why God is punishing this Amharas all over Ethiopia. If anyone has a drop of blood from Amhara will go to hell. No heaven for Amharas.

  4. getplus125 says:

    Amhara please stop to lie to Ethiopian people. Your false History has been exposed for years. Shame on you. You still keep laying to Ethiopian people. “Agul Meferaget, Le melalat”
    Where are your twenty seven million Amharas? Why don’t they fight for you if Amhara is existing?
    “Who said what about Amhara in 1991”
    Follow the link below

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