Dialogue between Kemant Coordinating Committee and Regional Government

wlka has received the following report:
Yesterday, the Amhara National Regional State held a discussion with Kemant Identity and Self-Rule Quest Coordinating Committee along with ANDM/EPRDF cadres, from the kebele to regional levels, just to find a political solution for the existing crisis within the Kemant community. After a long deliberation, finally common consensus was reached on the following points:
1) the kemant identity and self-rule quest shall be answered urgently without any delay and without any precondition;
2) Kemant as a distinct nationality shall be politically represented and its characteristic features (language, culture and history) shall be developed;
3) unlawfulness and unlawful way of struggling for rights shall be banned and shall be condemned by the common efforts;
4) the delimitation of the borders for performing the self-rule task shall be determined according to the consensus of the peoples concerned (referendum);
5) the regional government shall create an opportunity to review its previous decision ( of the regional council) and proclaim the solution through law with consulting the House of Federation.
Having these agreements, the conference participants gave their opinions regarding the procedures of how to continue and appreciations were given to all concerned bodies for such kind of democratic deliberations and way of handling or solving political and social problems on the principle of democracy.
This is really success and one step forward for the Kemant community and other communities at large in securing constitutional rights in democratic and peaceful way!

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2 Responses to Dialogue between Kemant Coordinating Committee and Regional Government

  1. Fitih Zegeye says:

    Amhara National Democratic Movement (ANDM) Shocked by the Unification and Strong Movement of Agew People. Agew Kimant’s Quest is Direct and Friendly to Constitution. Why ANDM Delay to Communicate With the Agew People about the problems until October 2014 ????. Agew People has no different interest from Amhara people but we strongly claim Identity and Self-rule just as every nation does. We can be successful if we continue in strong unification!!!!!

  2. Yibekal says:

    Just learn from this and join the Ethiopian people movement. DO NOT expect any justice from these people.Didn’t you hear what the federal officials say?

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