AgDP Central Committee Issues Statement on Current Situation in Kemant, Gondar

Agaw Democratic Party/AgDP’s Central Committee at its regular session (on Nov. 15) at the town of Zege, Lake Tana, discussed the current turmoil in North Gondar, Kemant Province. It received a report on more than 100 school closure throughout the province in the past two weeks. On the other hand, it learned that some of schools have been reopened since Wednesday, but other remained close. The party expressed its concerned on the deteriorating situation and asked all involved parties to refrain from any act of violence. At the end of the session it has issued the following statements:
1. The current school closure is resulted from the government’s lack of due respect for its constitution. If the government has respect for the country’s constitution, it could treat the Kemant people, or Agaws in general on an equal basis and the Kemant’s constitutional quest for self-rule could have been guaranteed under Article 39. The party called on the government to stop percussion and address the Kemant’s demand without delay.
2. The communiqué stated that Kemant people have waged peaceful resistance for the past decay and they need to pursue only peaceful struggle to achieve their goals.
3. The communiqué stressed the murder of an unarmed citizen, Mr. Tegenawu Wolelawu and others, whoever is unacceptable. The party demanded an independent investigation and due justice including adequate compensation for the family members of the victims.
Finally, the communiqué demanded for equal treatment and justice to all citizens.

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2 Responses to AgDP Central Committee Issues Statement on Current Situation in Kemant, Gondar

  1. hailu says:

    Needs Justice

    Agaw people in Ethiopia are neglected and have been denied political and economical rights for a long time. Even the existence of Agaw nationality is also not mentioned in any occasion as Ethiopian nations and nationalities. Agaws as nationality and as people have played a significant role to build the modern Ethiopia and its civilization. This people also live in different parts of Ethiopia in harmony and peace with every Ethiopian nationalities. Now, Agaw people everywhere should participate in countries political and economical affairs granted under the current Ethiopian constitution, particularly in section 39.
    The government of Ethiopia has obligation to treat all nations and nationalities and people equally and fairly regardless of their differences.
    The Federal Government has turned a blind eye on the crisis on going in the Kemant Agaw province which is known as North Gonder. The Kemant-Agaws are struggling for recognition and self rule since 2000s, but still the response from the regional government is arbitrary arrest and accusing innocent citizen with fabricated allegation in order to terrify people to stop its claim.
    The federal government supposedly intervene to protect the constitution which is violated by the regional government. The federal government has major responsibility to protect the rights and well-being of the citizens and the country’s constitution. It is also the duty the federal government of Ethiopia to reconsider Kemant’s constitutional request for self rule which is given to every Ethiopian nation and nationalities under Article 39.
    The situation in the north Gonder is deteriorated from day to day due to the lack of the federal government paying attention to the problem. The federal government should come forward to resolve the chronic problem North Gonder. It is concerns of the Agaw people in Ethiopia regardless of where we live. The problem in north Gonder can be defined as silent genocide. The unlawful act, killing and arresting people who demand their constitutional rights should stop immediately. It will not solve the problem other than creating hostility among the people.

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