More Than 80-Schools Closed in North Gondar, Kemant Province, Ethiopia (udate)

According a source wants to remain in anonymity, more 80-schools closed since the beginning of the last week in four counties (woredas), Kemant region, North Gondar. School closure is part of non-violent struggle for their constitutional self-rule demand. The schools on strike include primary, high school and preparatory schools. These woredas, which have taken the measure are Chilga, Metema, Lay Amachiho and Gondar Zuriya (vicinity). Other woredas, Quar and Wogera are also about to take the similar step.
Woreda and zonal officials in the region claimed that situation is beyond their control. A delegate of three persons that traveled to Addis Ababa to discuss with federal authorities on the issue has returned Gondar without meeting any relevant official because of lack of enthusiasm from the other side. On the other hand, an AgDP member in anonymity told a wlka informant, this is not right time to take the strike. He added the Kemant people need to prepare to punish via the election cards rather than closure of the school at this point. Moreover, he expressed his concern that some ANDM extremist cadres might use the event to stir violence through a crime drama to create pretext for abduction and detention as they did in last April.

UPDATE: Nov 13

wlka received the following information, but has no capacity to verify independently:
Two Kemamt activists were shoot by the federal police in Metema woreda on Nov. 9. and Mr. Tegenawu Wolelawu from Aykel, an investor in Metema died. On the same day two federal policemen were killed and one sustained injury by farmers in the response.

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    Please translate your article to English. Approximately, 70% wlka users cannot understand Amharic. Thanks !


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