Use of Predatory Journal Publications for Faculty Promotion Sparkled Crisis at Bahir Dar University (Update)

According to anonymous sources, Bahir Dar University, Haramaye University and Addis Ababa University supposedly the most credible higher education institutes in Ethiopia on the basis of their history of reputations, but that is not the case anymore, faculty members more than 25 secured promotion to a next academic rank after publication of predatory (fraudulent) journals in the past two years. The majority of promotions were conducted on the Peda campus, where College of Business & Economics, College of Science, College of Social Science and College of Health are located. Nevertheless , campuses of College of Agriculture and Institute of Technology had also their lion of shares.
Serious embarrassment occurred on Technology Institute campus this week following the Deputy Scientific Director’s quest for accelerated promotion to Associate Professorship, as a result of his publications in the predatory journals. On the same day his promotion request had secured primary support at the school level after lengthy hesitation and decided to forward the application to the institution level Promotion Committee, which has power to accept or reject the case, the list of predatory journals circulated to faculty members. His published articles were appeared in these predatory journals. The director has not yet announced his withdrawal of the application after having known his publications are in the wrong spot. His silence provoked speculation that he might do deliberately in dishonest way just to gain promotion.
According to the same sources, departments and schools which had received the dissemination had already suspended these promotions underway. Many of faculties suggested the reverse of all earlier promotions guaranteed for publishing in the predatory journals. The situation created anxiety especially among staff members who benefited from the predatory journal publications, and has sparkled “psychological crisis”, click here to find list of predatory Journals and also click here for criteria of predatory journals.

November. 6: Update

walk received information this afternoon on latest development. Mechanical & Industrial Academic Council has effectively reversed the earlier decision, promotion of the Deputy Scientific Director to Associate Professor as a result of fraudulent related to the journals. Staff reaction is mixed, some those under preparation to benefit from the predatory journals said disappointed, but others see the decision as historic and salvation of Ethiopian universities from dying and saving hard currency wastage for the trash journals based in Nigeria and India. These staff members urge other Ethiopian universities and Ministry of Education to take the same step to protect the universities from fraud campaign.

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