Awi ANDM Members Walkout from ANDM Meeting

According to an anonymous source, prior to the ANDM General Conference at Bahir Dar, scheduled for September 5-8, 2014, the Amhara National Democratic Movement (ANDM) held woreda (district) level meetings throughout woredas. Theoretically, woreda conferences supposed elect delegates who could participate at the General Conference at Bahir Dar. Something unusual happened in two woredas, Zigam and Chagni Urban Administration. The Awi ANDM members in these woredas walked out from the meeting in dispute related to whether there was democracy and development in Awi. The ANDM leadership tried to impose its views, but the Awis took opposite stand and questioned the legitimacy of ANDM to govern Awi. Then, they walked out from the meeting hall in both woredas. The event occurred the last week of August.
In related news, the Awi University Students who took part in Bahir Dar, in the government policy training, like other university students also expressed their dissatisfaction with the existing system. They raised several questions in what they see inequity in development, annual budget allocation, industry zone designation, absence of university, hospital, FM media at zone level and infrastructure as the whole.
In addition to these comments, the university students recommended the English to be the medium of instruction for at elementary schools starting from grade 5 to improve the students’ English efficiency. Some studies have indicated that a large number of Awi students fail ELC, college entrance exam due to English deficiency. Those who admitted to universities are also face the risk of dismissal in their first year for the same reason.

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