United States, France and Britain Blame Hamas for Current Crisis in Gaza

The governments of US, Britain and France blamed Hamas for the current crisis in Gaza, and recognized Israel’s self-defense. click here for more Despite the Israel military’s repeated statement on its sensitivity for civilian Gazans, growing civilian causality in Gaza is creating what is called friendly crack between Israel and the US that led to criticism and counter criticism. Secretary of State, Mr. John Kerry is still in intensive diplomacy to bring about ceasefire. Both Hamas and Israel are reluctant to permanent ceasefire without meeting respective objectives of each party. Hamas puts lifting of blockage from Gaza for ceasefire as a precondition. Similarly, Israel disclosed its determination to continue the military operation till destroy Hamas’ tunnels, which used HAMAS to fire rockets at southern Israel civilian population. However, Israel signaled its intention for the troop withdrawal on August 2. So far, UN and Egyptian sponsor ceasefire effort is without success. In the meanwhile, public rallies held in France and US in the favor of ceasefire. Most of the participants are with the middle East origins and there is fear that one sided gathering may incite Ant-Semitism, as was the case in France two weeks ago. It is believed that Israel does not have the goal of destroying HAMAS, but demilitarize and weaken eventually to recognize the existence of Israel and join other Palestinian factions for negation to reach in the two-state peaceful solution.
In related news, television run by Eritrean and Ethiopian Protestants called Elshaday sponsored the prayer service in the Friday evening for Israel and Middle East as the whole. Pastor Daniel from Washington DC was invited to Elshaday network to conduct the prayer with Pastor Abera, the founder of the network.

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7 Responses to United States, France and Britain Blame Hamas for Current Crisis in Gaza

  1. Yohannes John says:

    I believe it is time to join our brothers to disarm the group that is against the Jews existence as the people. As the same time, I support Palistanians’ rights to formulate their own state that is committed for peaceful co-existence with Israel and other neighbors. The denial of Israel as the state i not only a historical mistake, but it is also blindness and delusion, no where to take. I advise HAMAS learn from FATA and recognize Israel and be part of the solution rather than the problem.
    The western governments statement is not important, usually they calculate on their own interest rather truth. We see their injustice involvement in the Ukraine civil war, against the question of federalism. Is federalism not democracy? Why the west are against basic democratic pillars, which is state formation, whether it is federalism or unitary which is up to Ukranines.

  2. Kanu Alemmu says:

    You are right John, let sweep the terrorists out. We must stand with Jewish people whom oppressed throughout the history; there is no need to wait another Holocaust.

  3. Getahun R says:

    John, be rational, do not forget the Palistanian people are oppressed ones, like Jews.

  4. Mizigena says:

    Wrong Blame brings no peace!
    The three state in general and America in particular are the other side of the coin to Israel. In the First place it is Britain that is the main source of the conflict in the middle east. Palestinians have every natural rights continue in a sovereign state. It was after 2000 years occupation that Palestinian are forced to evacuate from the holy land by Israeli encroachments through Zionism movement. It was in 1948 that Israel established as a country. But before that Palestinian were there for almost 2000 years. Why then US, Britain and France blame only Hamas while Israel ruin Gaza with civilians.

  5. Mizigen says:

    from Birtukan woleka Face book
    The Agony of Palestine by the “God chosen” people
    What is the reaction of the world to save the innocent civil Palestine perished by merciless Israel soldiers? How in the name God the international community kept silent while children and women and elders are bombed in mass by Israel soldiers. Why Barak Obama , the American president, promised to offer more military support to Israel that is applied to kill the innocent children of Palestine and destruction the Gaza city?
    I respect, of course the rights of Israel to defend itself and its people but should not be by mass killing. What the innocent children did? What the Innocent mothers did? Why America, Britain and France are standing with Israelis whose hands are totally contaminated with innocent children’s blood. What David Cameroon and Barak Obama would feel if this happen to their children?

  6. Anteneh says:

    It does not concern you.
    Do you want to teach the history of conflicts in the middle east to the world ?
    first love your country & say some noble ideas for our country and our people .
    yerasun newur yemayawuk asama bicha new.

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