Kemant Council for Self-Rule & Recognition (KCSR) Held Conference

The KCSR held the fourth regular conference on May 17, 2014. The council comprised of 120 members appraised performance since its third conference. It underlined its efforts and contributions made the Study Team designated by House of Federation to grasp actual facts on the ground.
The participants expressed their desires to see House of Federation to come up with a fair decision that will guarantee Kemant’s constitutional rights, which will couple with lasting peace and stability in the region. Otherwise, the delegates made clear that continuity of the struggle for liberty and dignity. Their determination for their cause is stated in the communiqué issued at the end of the conference; the eleven point statement reads as follows:
1. We have mobilized and stand together as Kemants to claim our constitutional rights, and the experience can be expandable to developmental aspects for the purpose of achieving the national economic transformation.
2. We should struggle those anti-constitutional chauvinists in collaboration with the Ethiopian people, to entitle Kemants for the constitutional rights of self-rule.
3. We call on media including the state media to register our constitutional and democratic activities without prejudice.
4. We Kemants shall work to develop and preserve our history, culture and language.
5. We should use economically and in accountable manner resources provided for the purpose of the struggle to respect the Kemant’s constitutional rights.
6. We should continue ensuring our constitutional struggle in all woreda is planned, lawful and peaceful.
7. Our struggle for constitutional rights should be inclusive of economic aspects.
8. We call on the government to take legal measures against these involved in abduction and illegal imprisonment of the Kemant representatives, because of their struggle for constitutional rights.
9. We Kemants fulfill requirements laid down in FDRE Constitution and our constitutional rights can be only materialized under self-administration, we reaffirm our quest for self-rule not only for recognition.
10. We also reaffirm our struggle for our constitutional rights till it is respected.
11. We also reaffirm that our gain in self-rule will not affect others rights; tolerance and co-existence will be in place with the Amhara community (brothers) and create conducive conditions for mutual respect.

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