Dogs Are Barking While Camel Persists Going

By Mizigena

This article is the response to Face book comment about Gra Tash. First and foremost, we have to be very clear that where Kemant (Qemant’s) natural rights to continue as Kemant emanates from. In the first place Kemant acquire these rights because it is their natural rights to be called and continue as Kemant. Secondly, this constitutional right is given by the law of the land not by individuals jurisdiction power.
Thirdly individuals have every right to say their feeling no matter what are their hidden motives are. We should respect their opinion and only react to their opinion.
The guy you mentioned as Tashu can raise any civilized opinions no matter where he belongs to regardless of his race even to the extent that “ there is no people called Kemant in the land of Ethiopia.” We should not get easily flare up with this type of ideas. Rather we should show clearly with a very supportive documents and evidence that Kemant is the indigenous people of Ethiopia. We should help this people to get out of their doubt and confusion by enlightening them about the objective Kemant’s quest with regard their identity. We should show them that the issue of self administration is only the derivatives of self identity in the Ethiopian constitution. Because the law permits for internal self administration if a given society in Ethiopia is considered as distinct nation, nationality and people.
Kemant is struggling not with a motive or intent of session though the Ethiopian constitution permits unconditional secessions if one needs to do so.
I would like to make clear at this point that Kemant is questing to reinstate the denied rights to be called as Kemant now and in the time to come. Our quest is not to separate from our brothers Amhara, Oromo, Tigraway people and the rest of Ethiopians and live in our own island. It is impossible and unthinkable and benefits no one and add no value to Ethiopian unity and its development.
I would like to make clear to our Ethiopian brothers, sisters and even to the international communities; ethnocide has been committed upon Kemant people in the last 23 years. Kemant has been forcefully been annexed to Amhara without their free wills, their culture and language are critically endangered and at the verge of death. This act is equivalent to genocide and critically against United Nation’s law which Ethiopia signs to.
We should be cautious enough that there are people even within Kemant and non Kemant members who consciously try to divert the genuine quest of Kemant by giving different names. So please do not waste your time and pay no attention to individuals. Rather we should use our time telling our Ethiopian brothers and international community there is human rights violation against Kemant. Individuals can stick to their own opinion; and let us respect their opinion and tell them that Kemant quest is only to be recognized as Kemant not As Amhara or any else. As Amhara people do not like to be called Oromo and the Oromo to be called Tigraway and otherwise Kemant never and ever wants to be called Amhara for the simple reason that Kemant is not Amhara. Trying to call Kemant, Amhara adds value neither to Amhara nor to Kemant. Rather this breeds unnecessary ill feeling between the two people.
Let us face the truth; Ethiopia is the land of diversity people with their own culture. Unless we accept this truth and try to co-exist, no one brings Ethiopian unity by calling Kemant, Amhara. People who have this type of idea should come back to the reality.
Let me conclude telling our Ethiopian brothers sisters and international community about what very few non Kemant people living around Gondar talk about Kemant.
“Kemant came from Egypt and Gondar is not their homeland and advise Kemant to go back to Egypt” like what they did to our Bet-Israel brothers. Look! This is a fabricated legend produced to deny Ethiopianess of Kemant and they assume they are the only Ethiopians. This kind of people had created a belief in our Ethiopian brothers, Beta-Israel/Ethiopian Jews/Agaws to think that they were not Ethiopian and lastly leave for Israel. So let Grazamach Tashu say whatever he needs. We should only persist in requesting our natural rights to continue As Kemant not as any other people.

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